Sparky Bonsai – a portable edition of SparkyLinux

sparky bonsai 2019

Sparky Bonsai is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian/Sparkylinux in a portable form. Taking advantage of the experience of portable distros such as Slax, Porteus, Puppy and DebianDog, we made a remix of our favor Debian-based distro SparkyLinux. The idea was to make a portable version of the linux distro having already installed at home, … Read more

Sparky 4.x MinimalISO installations screenshots

awesome bspwm Budgie Desktop CDE Cinnamon Deepin Enlightenment Fluxbox GNOME Flashback GNOME Shell i3 IceWM JWM KDE Plasma 5 Lumina LXDE LXQt Pantheon MATE Openbox PekWM Trinity (TDE) Window Maker   Back to -> Screenshots main page  

SparkyLinux 4.1

New iso images of SparkyLinux 4.1 are ready to go. Sparky 4 is based on and fully compatible with Debian testing “Stretch”. It’s the first update of SparkyLinux 4.x, which provides a few important changes, such as: – full system upgrade from Debian testing repository as of 27/28 Sep 2015 – Linux kernel 4.1.6 – … Read more

SparkyLinux 4.0 Base & CLI Editions

sparky 4 openbox

SparkyLinux 4.0 Base and CLI Editions are available to download. Sparky 4 is based on and fully compatible with Debian testing 9 “Stretch”. Base Edition editions feature the core system, a lightweight desktop, wireless drivers and a few applications only. The new iso images of Base Edition are available in 3 flavors, such as : … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.6 Enlightenment19, JWM, Openbox & CLI

sparky 3.5.1 enlightenment

SparkyLinux 3.6 Enlightenment19, JWM, Openbox and CLI is out. ISO images of Sparky 3.6 e19, JWM and Openbox belong to the Base Edition. Base Edition features core system, X server, window manager, web browser, text editor and a few tools. All the ISO images of Base Editions 3.6 are codecs free. It means that they … Read more