Your monthly support is needed!

Last Updated on: 7th November 2023, 12:19 am

DonateMy dear friends!
It’s bad!

After more than 7 years of running our services, we have to say that it has not been so bad yet.

Due to Google’s policy rules, we had to remove our adds from some pages.

In addition, we received a notification from YouTube that we can no longer earn money on videos uploaded on our channel, because we have not reached the threshold of 4000 hours of total watch time in the last 12 months and 1000 subscriptions.

Our income is melting down every month, like snow in the spring. We are not in a position to finance everything from our tiny wallet. More than half goes to bills, ie: rent, utilities (gas, electricity, water), taxes, fuel, and food. A problem is when we need to buy medicine or we have additional bills to pay which pops out sometimes. There is also problem with our server which is overloaded and still stood almost every day, as we mentioned last time – we did not collect much after that, not really.

For this reasons, we have to ask you for monthly support – a minimum to pay basic bills at least.

The minimum is 500 PLN/~135 USDolars/~125 Euros every month, which could help us pay bills for services and media used to keep our job on and buy small equipment such as mice, batteries, USB sticks and other things.

Starting from January 2020, the minimum is 1000 PLN/~250 Euros every month.

Starting from June 2020, the minimum is 2600 PLN/~650 Euros every month : sparky-coronavirus

Starting from January 2021, the minimum is 2800 PLN/~670 Euros every month : 2020-annual-payment-of-our-server

Starting from January 2022, the minimum is 3010 PLN/~720 Euros every month : annual-donations-for-our-server-2021

Starting from January 2023, the minimum is 3490 PLN/~775 Euros every month; and starting from July 2023, the minimum is 3600 PLN/~820 Euros every month : annual-donations-for-our-server-2022

Starting from January 2024, the minimum is 987 Euros every month; and starting from July 2024, the minimum is 1000 Euros every month : annual-donations-for-our-server-2023/

All we do for you is free, but living is NOT.

So, we will place a progress bar in the right side panel to let you know how is going with donations. It will be kept to the end of every month to illustrate how much money we collected.

From this month, we will also publish monthly summaries of the donations.

So, consider monthly small or bigger donation, please, which will let us working for all of you long time.
To thank you for you wonderful gesture we will send (for those who will want to, and send us 20 Euros min.) a sticker-reflector with SparkyLinux.

Thanks a lot!
Aneta & Paweł

3 thoughts on “Your monthly support is needed!”

  1. Recep mersolardan birini satıp Sparky’e destek ol yoksa aazına zıçarım. Best regards.

  2. Hello, I just want to thank the SparkyLinux team for.. well.. SparkyLinux! This is my All-time favorite Linux distribution, and will be as time goes on!

    I’ll try my hardest to find ways to donate, because I’m underage, and can’t really do much with money. But When The time is available (hopefully soon), I will start donating monthly! Again, thank you guys for SparkyLinux!

  3. Hi, Sparky Linux is great – in particular the rolling distribution. The latter one is really unique and highly appreciated.

    Therefore i just created a monthly donation and made a single donation for the months i am already using Sparky.


    I therefore propose that you include this fundraising campaign in your APTus tools. So each time, when someone is really using your service, your servers, than he is reminded to contribute to this great project. I think this is more than fair enough.

    Good luck to you and thanks a lot!


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