XanMod Linux Kernel

There is a new tool available for Sparkers: XanMod Linux Kernel Installer

What is XanMod Linux Kernel?

XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. Built to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.
The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.
Supports all recent 64-bit versions of Debian and Ubuntu-based systems.

Main Features:
– Preemptive Full Tickless Kernel at 500Hz w/ Tuned CPU Core Scheduler.
– RCU Boost for better responsiveness and lower overall system latency.
– Block Layer w/ multi-threaded runqueue for high I/O throughput.
– Caching, Virtual Memory Manager and CPUFreq Governor improvements.
– BBR TCP Congestion Control + FQ-PIE Packet Scheduling and AQM Algorithm [5.9][5.9-rt][5.8].
– ORC Unwinder for Kernel Stack Traces (debuginfo) implementation.
– Third-party patchset available: ZSTD kernel, initrd and modules support [5.9][5.9-rt]5.8], Full x86_64 FSGSBASE instructions [5.9][5.8], Clear Linux [partial], CK’s Hrtimer Patchset, Wine / Proton Fsync, PCIe ACS Override, Aufs [5.4] and GCC graysky’s.
– Real-time Linux kernel (PREEMPT_RT) build available [5.9-rt][5.4-rt].
– Generic kernel package for compatibility with most Debian & Ubuntu based distributions. Built on the latest GCC 10.2 and Binutils 2.35.
– GPLv2 license. Can be built for any distribution or purpose.

Installation (Sparky testing amd64 only):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-aptus

to upgrade APTus to the latest version, then launch APTus-> System-> XanMod Linux Installer icon.

XanMod Linux Kernel Installer

Founder: Alexandre Frade
License: GNU GPL v2


UKUI desktop

A new desktop environment has been implemented into APTus & APTus AppCenter: UKUI

What is UKUI?

UKUI is a desktop environment for Linux distributions and other UNIX-like operating systems. It provides a simpler and more enjoyable experience for browsing, searching and managing your computer.

Installation (Sparky testing):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-desktop-ukui

or via APTus-> Desktop-> UKUI desktop icon.

The UKUI desktop has been implemented to Sparky Advanced Installer too, so can be installed using Sparky MinimalGUI/MinimalCLI iso images of Sparky rolling edition.

UKUI on Sparky6

License: GNU GPLv2+


Sparky 4.13

There is an update of Sparky oldstable 4.13 code name “Tyche” out there. It is based on the Debian oldstable “Stretch”.

• system upgrade from Debian oldstable “Stretch” repos as of October 2, 2020
• Calamares doesn’t refresh package list to avoid breaking installation if Debian or Sparky repo is off
• Sparky repos changed from ‘oldstable’ to named ‘tyche’; make sure you use right Sparky repositories
• Linux kernel upgraded up to 4.9.228-1
• Firefox 78.3.0esr
• Thunderbird 68.12.0
• LibreOffice 4.3.3

System re-installation is not required, simply keep Sparky up to date.

New oldstable iso images can be downloaded from the download/oldstable page.



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Cherrytree

What is Cherrytree?

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

Features :
– rich text (foreground color, background color, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, small, h1, h2, h3, subscript, superscript, monospace)
– syntax highlighting supporting several programming languages
– images handling: insertion in the text, edit (resize/rotate), save as png file
– embedded files handling: insertion in the text, save to disk
– multi-level lists handling (bulleted, numbered, to-do and switch between them, multiline with shift+enter)
– simple tables handling (cells with plain text), cut/copy/paste row, import/export as csv file
– codeboxes handling: boxes of plain text (optionally with syntax highlighting) into rich text, import/export as text file
– execution of the code for code nodes and codeboxes; the terminal and the command per syntax highlighting is configurable in the preferences dialog
– alignment of text, images, tables and codeboxes (left/center/right/fill)
– hyperlinks associated to text and images (links to webpages, links to nodes/nodes + anchors, links to files, links to folders)
– spell check (using pygtkspellcheck and pyenchant)
– intra application copy/paste: supported single images, single codeboxes, single tables and a compound selection of rich text, images, codeboxes and tables
– cross application copy/paste (tested with libreoffice and gmail): supported single images, single codeboxes, single tables and a compound selection of rich text, images, codeboxes and tables
– copying a list of files from the file manager and pasting in cherrytree will create a list of links to files, images are recognized and inserted in the text
– print & save as pdf file of a selection / node / node and subnodes / the whole tree
– export to html of a selection / node / node and subnodes / the whole tree
– export to plain text of a selection / node / node and subnodes / the whole tree
– toc generation for a node / node and subnodes / the whole tree, based on headers h1, h2 and h3
– find a node, find in selected node, find in selected node and subnodes, find in all nodes
– replace in nodes names, replace in selected node, replace in selected node and subnodes, replace in all nodes
– iteration of the latest find, iteration of the latest replace, iteration of the latest applied text formatting
– import from html file, import from folder of html files
– import from plain text file, import from folder of plain text files
– import from basket, cherrytree, epim html, gnote, keepnote, keynote, knowit, mempad, notecase, rednotebook, tomboy, treepad lite, tuxcards, zim
– export to cherrytree file of a selection / node / node and subnodes / the whole tree
– password protection (using – NOTE: while a cherrytree password protected document is opened, an unprotected copy is extracted to a temporary folder of the filesystem; this copy is removed when you close cherrytree
– tree nodes drag and drop
– automatic link to web page if writing the URL
– automatic link to node if writing node name either with no spaces and camelcase or surrounded by [[node name]]


sudo apt update
sudo apt install cherrytree

or via APTus-> Office-> Cherrytree icon.

The application can be installed on Sparky 6 (rolling amd64 & i386), and Sparky 4 oldstable “Tyche” which uses Cherrytree packages from Debian oldstable repos, but not on Sparky 5 stable “Nibiru”.


Authors: Giuseppe Penone and Evgenii Gurianov
License: GNU GPLv3



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Brackets

What is Brackets?

Brackets is a modern open-source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that’s built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What makes Brackets different from other web code editors?

* Tools shouldn’t get in your way. Instead of cluttering up your coding environment with lots of panels and icons, the Quick Edit UI in Brackets puts context-specific code and tools inline.
* Brackets is in sync with your browser. With Live Preview, Brackets works directly with your browser to push code edits instantly and jump back and forth between your real source code and the browser view.
* Do it yourself. Because Brackets is open source, and built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can help build the best code editor for the web.

Installation (64bit only):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install brackets

or via APTus-> Office-> Brackets icon.


Copyright (c) 2012 – present Adobe Systems Incorporated
License: MIT



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Ciano

What is Ciano?

A multimedia file converter focused on simplicity. Convert videos, music and pictures with the best possible experience.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install ciano

or via APTus-> VideoTools-> Ciano icon.


Author: Robert San
License: GNU General Public License 3.0



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Browsh

What is Browsh?

Browsh is a fully interactive, real-time, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers… …Browsh is different in that it’s backed by a real browser, namely headless Firefox, to create a purely text-based version of web pages and web apps. These can be easily rendered in a terminal or indeed, ironically, in another browser. Do note that currently the browser client doesn’t have feature parity with the terminal client.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install browsh

or via APTus-> Web browsers-> Browsh icon.

Launch the browser in a terminal/terminal emulator via the command:


or via menu-> Network-> Browsh Browser.


Author: Thomas Buckley-Houston
License: GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1


Sparky 2020.09

The September snapshot of Sparky 2020.09 of the (semi-)rolling line is out. It is based on the Debian testing “Bullseye”.

This release provides package updates and fixed an issue of the Sparky Advanced Installer, which generated broken fstab. There is no problem if you have installed Sparky 2020.08 using Calamares (called Sparky Installer).

• packages updated from Debian testing repos as of August 31, 2020
• Linux kernel 5.7.17 (5.8.5 & 5.9-rc3 in Sparky unstable repos)
• Firefox 80
• LibreOffice 7.0.1-rc1
• fixed the Advanced Installer issue; thanks to lami07

System re-installation is not required, simply keep Sparky up to date.

The Special Edition iso images have been already updated too.

New rolling iso images can be downloaded from the download/rolling page.


August 2020 donation report

Many thanks to all of you for supporting our open-source projects, specially in this difficult days. Your donations help keeping them alive.

Don’t forget to send a small tip in September too, please 🙂

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Sparky news 2020/08

The 8th monthly report of 2020 of the Sparky project:

• Sparky 2020.08 of the rolling line released
• Sparky 2020.08 Special Editions released
• Linux kernel updated up to version 5.8.5 & 5.9-rc2
• added to repos: Warpinator, Gmail Desktop, Joplin, Gis Weather

There is an issue in the Advanced Installed which generates broken fstab in the latest rolling iso images, so all of them have to be updated. No problem if you installed Sparky using Calamares.