SC Controller


There is a new application available for Sparkers: SC Controller What is SC Controller? User-mode driver, mapper and GTK3 based GUI for Steam Controller, DS4 and similar controllers. Features: – Allows to setup, configure and use Steam Controller(s) without ever launching Steam – Supports profiles switchable in GUI or with controller button – Stick, Pads … Read moreSC Controller


blisk browser

There is a new application available for Sparkers: Blisk What is Blisk? Blisk is the first developer-oriented browser with built-in devices that runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It provides teams and freelancers with a workspace to develop and test modern web applications twice faster. You can use Blisk … Read moreBlisk

Annual donations for our server 2022

The annual payment day for our server is coming. We got quite a large increase from our server provider. So, until 15.01.2023 we would collect for the server the amount of 510 Euros, plus min. 720 Euros for our monthly living and bills, such as: electricity, gas, water, internet, domains, expenses related to improving the … Read moreAnnual donations for our server 2022

Sparky news 2022/10

The 10th monthly Sparky project and donate report of 2022: – Linux kernel updated up to 6.0.6 & 5.15.76-LTS & 4.9.331-LTS49 – Common Desktop Environment (CDE) updated up to version 2.5.1 for Sparky 6+7 amd64+i386 – Sparky 2022.10, 2022.10 Special Editions and 2022.10-1 and 2022.10-2 LXQt released – Cartillo started translating Sparky Wiki pages to … Read moreSparky news 2022/10