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  1. I have distro hopped for several years, since win 10 came out. Liked several, but this one is best I have found. Stable. Only issue I have is with wireless printing.
    It is an awesome distro.

  2. I love it except for the tools made specifically for this distro to manage configurations and install applications, I’m sad to see there isn’t any Trinity Desktop(Fork of KDE3.5 that I LOVE) ISO even though it’s supported by Sparky.

  3. i absolutely love this distro. i have been distro hopping for months now and i think i have finally found my match. thanks

    • Hi Davi,
      My Name is Roberto and I am a Friend of Leo Laporte of and I Have Been
      A Linux Distro Hopper For a Long Time Now
      and I Agree with You Debian Based Sparky Linux is Very Good I Love The KDE DE
      and also my Favorite Distro’s are KDE Neon
      Titan Linux and Linux Mint
      And I am a Linux Tech Guy
      Thank You Davi For Your Excellent Post

    • Name is David Carter,,, may have been my typing errors. (I’m 66 and have had 5 eye surgeries that did NOT work- so blind in one eye.. and some times have issues with the other.. and my touch typing is gonie to the dogs.. ha.
      Anway- still LOVE THIS DISTRO!!!

      • Hi David,

        it makes me sad to read about your eye problems. But anyway, I agree that Sparky is a fantastic distribution. I ran into it years ago, but continued using Xubuntu. However, recently I installed it on my PC as a second operating system, and I have to say, I’m quite thrilled.

        Easy to use and stable, as far as I can see.

    • Sorry, I mistyped my name (eye surgeries.. ha) Anyway– I have tried several distros in my linux time– but THIS is the one I’ve spent THE most time with– looked at some new ones I like a little – but ALWAYS end up KEEPING this one. I’ve had it 6 months now– the longest I’ve ever kept a distro except for MINT way back when I first came from Windows to Linux.
      It’s just SiMPLE- not bulky- VERY customizable- beautiful- FAST- light- and WORKS.. I’ve had ZERO issues with it– which I can NOT say about any other distro- INCLUDING mint.
      I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to do LINUX- new or experienced.

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