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  1. After downloading the .iso, i opened it with the K3B-burner. That gives me the md5sum and then i google this. Pity, it did not give me a hit.
    It would be nice if you make a list with all md5sums, so that google can find it.

  2. I was linked here from ><

    It says it is a link to a list of included programs. Obviously it is not and I don't immediately see anywhere they are listed on the site. Recommend you either have a list we can see or talk to Itsfoss about changing their article text. You will get better response to Sparky if you do. Thanks.

    • Went to and did not see a link to saying it would take you to programs and if you wont a list of programs just go to
      then scroll down to PackageList.txt which take you to and down load it.Its not that hard .

      • “The list of applications installed by default is different for different Sparky, Full, Base and Gaming edition and is available below each edition on the download page here.”

        It does though 🙂

        • ¡Hola muy buenas a todos! ¡Tenías razón wexwimpy!. Efectivamente, ahí está. Entré en el primer vínculo que mencionaste, bajé hasta donde pone «Special Editions», y ahí la encontré. Ya he añadido esta página a mis favoritas. Muchas gracias . Saludos cordiales.

  3. Default look is far ancient while the look of manjaro,solus is much good I just suggest that you use adpta and papirus icon theme or at least have them in repos and for game over edition use lxqt not bare openbox with better looking themes

  4. The only reason I hesitate on this is because of systemd. I am definitely not a fan. But, I have some games I would like to play, so I’m going to give it a try.

    Can you do a FDE install?

  5. I recently discovered Sparky Linux while looking for a lightweight distribution in oder to revive my 2007 Acer Aspire laptop. Unfortunately the 64-bit version did not work, but the 32-bit version runs like a charm. How did i not discover this gem before?

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Una distribución maravillosa basada en Debian testing, ligera, muy rápida y con LXQT de serie. Buenísima

  7. sparky is the “best” distribution i’ve ever experienced, better than windows and mac, it’s fast secure and reliable, i finally found the best of the best

    thanks to all readers

  8. la mejor distro Debian para PC antigua tanto como nueva… veloz y eficaz!
    graciass Sparky y gracias Linux…

  9. It would be quite nice for people just getting into Linux, if there was an FAQ detailing what each version is, what each version is geared toward, etc.

    thank you

  10. I tested the new LXQT version and was surprised that all programs I like are already preinstalled in the home edition. I just installed a few games. Also wine is running perfect and all that sparky tools like Sparky APTus are really useful for beginners. I installed sparky Linux on a USB-stick too, wich I need, because I often have to use old windowsXP machines which haven’t got for example libreoffice or vlc installed.
    Thank you and please keep up this great work!

  11. I recently tried Sparky Linux Game Over 3.6 inside VirtualBox. It’s awesome and think this is the distro for I’ve been looking for. I’m going to play around with 4.2 for a while but I think it might be the one I move to from Windwoes. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

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