SparkyLinux is well known a Linux distribution and has many users and fans.

Check what the media have been written about Sparky:

Every SparkyLinux release and release announcement is received by many, many people, so is popular it the network.

If you (and/or your company) would like to be a Sparky sponsor/supporter helping us to keep the project alive, write to us via the contact form. It will be our pleasure to answer you.

We can offer you back some advertising to be displaying:

In the Power Box of a sidebar of the main page or at the Partners page:
– a text link, up to 25 letters – 30 Euros/30 days
– a graphic banner 250x50px – 45 Euros/30 days

A big banner (text or graphic) on the top of every post page:
– a static banner 640x100px, up to 35 kB, 60 Euros/30 days
– a static banner 640x200px, 100 Euros/30 days

Sponsoring SparkyLinux project is a perfect and fast way to get strong links to your web page and to be known as a philanthropist who support an open-source project!

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