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  1. Which Game over distro should i use for my Alienware M14? its x64 type. im trying to use emulators and im sick of windows horrible reliability and cumbersome use of my graphics cards. thank you im sorry if my question is stupid but my computer will not work and will not update the drivers and i really want to play my games so.

  2. The link for the x86_64 version of Sparky 4.2 Mate is actually pointing at the i586 version. Thanks.

  3. I just found out about Linux a while ago. Bought a used laptop and while it comes with limited Windows 7 I’m not sure if the installation is strictly legal so I’ve been trying out different Linux distros with some success. Please, thank you and keep up the good work.

    I understand your latest release does not include Flash. Flash is used on so many websites that even if it does not always work properly is is still better if it is included … that’s my opinion anyway. Of course, you are the experts so I’ll wish you the best whatever your decision.

    • For one thing, Sparky’s being built on Debian’s Testing Edition with proven compatibility measures added to insure adequate functioning across supported Desktop Environments provides users with a more polished experience and for another, to resolve quickly any glitches that may arise, Sparky’s Forums are excellent.

  4. On the i586-non-pae versions of lxde, mate, xfce, …,
    not one of them supports broadcom (bcm4311) wireless.
    In fact not even the broadcom ethernet port, for cable, is seen, on my Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop. ?

    Was there a reason why you did NOT include b43-fwcutter.deb, or the b43-firmware-installer.deb, … ?
    I can fully understand if wireless can’t be seen initially, but every other distro that I have tried atleast see’s my (cable) Ethernet port , except of course for Sparkylinux ???

    • Ok, according to the pkg-list firmware-b43-installer and firmware-b43legacy-installer,…,along with other broadcom drivers are included, maybe some other broadcom driver is causing problems, I’ll see if removing some other ones would help…?
      If not, I may try the 64-biy versions.

      • Ok,
        I removed all the other broadcom firmware/drivers except for:
        …(rebooted), and
        Voila!, ­čÖé my wireless bcm4311 kicked in, I’m sure my broadcom ethernet/cable port will also work now too.
        Sorry for my previous false alarms, but Broadcom is still a horrible pita.

        Anyway, now I can finally start enjoying SparkyLinux.

  5. Same problem here,lott11…
    I downloaded the OpenBox version and after installing it,it simply do not accept the password…Tried it several times(reinstalling the system),with really simple pws,but no way…

  6. downloaded SparkyLinux 3.6 ÔÇťGameOverÔÇŁ x86_64 in live mode works fine.
    but when i installed it dose not allow log in.
    tried 5 time reinstall same out come, on 6 time made it auto log in.
    it works but i can not update or install anything, all ways the same incorrect pass word.
    try 4 different keyboards & changed key board pref, the thing incorrect pass word.
    PC is HP specs Intel I3, 500GB disk, 8GB ram DDR3, Intel Graphics.
    tried 2 other downloads the md5sum is correct in all 3 downloads.
    for me at this time this is acceptable.
    i try it some time in the future. when i can be the addminitrator of install.
    thanks for the effort but not quite there.


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