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  1. Miguel DellDor says:

    Perico ¿qué necesitas saber? Si quieres contácteea vía Gmail o Hangout a mi “apellido”.
    No soy un experto, pero llevo testeando hace un tiempo con este excelente sistema, particularmente LxQt .
    Perico: what do you need to know? If you want, contact me though Gmail/Hangout by my “last name”. I’m not a pro, but I’m testing this nice SO for a while, specially LxQt.

  2. Perico says:

    Por favor cuando en español Latino ?
    instruuctivos y demas descargas, gracias de antemano.

  3. S.D. Fu says:

    Regarding Enlightenment 0.19.12, First, thank you to all responsible for making this Debian based
    Enlightenment distro available! I have long awaited a more current based kernel (4.0 +) distro replacement to the otherwise useful BodhiLinux.

    With that said, I have encountered some faults in your Enlightenment implementation. These faults are within the configuration for Virtual Desktops:
    The Set function within the Virtual Desktops fails to permit the selection of a wallpaper for a given desktop.
    Furthermore the establishment of individualized iBars for separate desktops does not occur when the steps are followed to create those separately named Pager hosted iBars.

    If you are able to resolve those pronounced limitations, this release will be very worthwhile.

    Good Luck,

    S.D. Fu

  4. Gammadeus says:

    I wanted to say: “Debian specific fault”. . . 🙂

  5. Gammadeus says:

    Excuse me, Sir !
    I have watched the pacakage list of Sparky 4.0 RCE LXDE, and the second question was answered. . . . . I could see it is similar with Debian 8.0 and both uses systemd.
    But is there any similar bug on system shutdown / hibernation / reboot at Sparky 4.0, or is it a Debian specic fault ?

  6. Gammadeus says:

    Hi, Pavroo !

    Could you tell me why is the LXDE version larger then the KDE4 verzion ? (KDE is well known as a big and resource-hungry desktop environment, while LXDE as a very lightweight one.)
    In other hand I would like to know whether the new Sparky 4.0 is built with systemd or it use the old (but very reliable) sysvinit ?
    (Cause Debian 8 stable as well as testing branch uses systemd. As I tried Debian 8 on my old laptop /CPU: Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz, RAM: 2x1GB DDR2, IDE HDD, no dedicated VGA-card/, and I had shutdown problems with it, I think I would prefer sysvinit. Then – as far as I know – there is no reasonable solution by now for this problematic phenomena on Debian sites. So, I’m afraid of systemd and lightdm combo . . .)
    And what about with Sparky at this point ?

  7. Gammadeus says:

    Thanks your reply, Pavro !
    I shall try the presen version, and I’ll change the kernel to the i686-pae. (In other hand have RAM under 4GB, so maybe it doesn’t matter that is a PAE or non-PAE kernel. I forced this question for other possible CPU-abilities and -functions that could be different and now are unknown for me yet. My linux knowledge is weak, but I’m going to expand it.)
    Thank you again !

  8. Gammadeus says:

    Will be PAE-versions for x86 architecture later ?
    If yes, what is the planned releasing date ? (This month or next month, or a few months ?)
    I apologise for my impatience, but I’m would like to use it for my old laptop (with a PAE-funkcioned Pentium CPU), and the remaining time will determine my decision on installing a Debian-based distro. (My old sistem from this laptop was retired now: Mint 15.)

  9. pavroo says:

    Yes, all the i586 images are non-pae.

  10. Lizbeth says:

    are the 586 images non-pae kernels by default?

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