Paweł ‘pavroo’ Pijanowski – founder, developer, repo holder, Sparky tools creator & iso builder

Community members help with many different tasks; for privacy reason, I can publish nick names only. In alphabetical order:
Capitan Jack
The Black Pig
And Sparky tools translators – you can find their names at locale files at our Wiki.

If you’d like you can join our community to help making SparkyLinux better than it is now.
How can you help:
1. Test Live version, install it on your hard (or virtual) drive and report bugs.
2. Find solutions for existing problems or check to do list (at sourceforge).
3. Suggest your own improvements / changes.
4. Translate Sparky tools to your language (see Wiki page for details).
5. Help our community members at our forums.
6. Tell your friends about Linux and SparkyLinux.

41 thoughts on “Team”

  1. Would be nice if we could have the Maxx Interactive Desktop (IRIX) added to the choice of desktops. Been using it with the “Lirix Operating system” and it works really well.

  2. Obrigado pela contribuição, estou usando o Sparky em um computador Athlon X2, 8gb de memória RAM, está rodando muito bem.


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