If you’d like you can join our community to help making SparkyLinux better than it is now.
How can you help:
1. Test Live version, install it on your hard (or virtual) drive and report bugs.
2. Find solutions for existing problems or check to do list (at sourceforge).
3. Suggest your own improvements / changes.
4. Translate Sparky tools to your language (see Wiki page for details).
5. Help our community members at our forums.
6. Tell your friends about Linux and SparkyLinux.


23 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    I tried to install SparkyLinux 4.8.1 LXDE on a old desktop with less dan 1 GB of RAM (768 MB RAM) and the installer refused to install it for that reason! Please adjust the minimum specs on your website, because that is not correct..

  2. Bardo says:

    although i was using linux since 5 years, i found debian to be too advanced for me to handle, thus relying on ubuntu, neglecting its downsides.
    When i found Sparky, this was in fact the way to go for me, as it is a managable debian – so to speak.
    And of course, i recommend it to friends ever since. It is unbelievable, that so few devs could do, what the whole debian entourage apparently could not: Your work is appreciated very much! Keep it up!

  3. Gordon Freeman says:

    So, this would be more productive if there was an actual IRC channel.. That .pl one is dead and isnt even in English…

  4. pavroo says:

    Hi Peter
    It’ll be nice. I’ve sent you an answer via e-mail.

  5. Peter Dave Hello says:

    Hi there, I’ll be happy to support SparkyLinux by providing download/repository mirror, don’t know if you need it not not?

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