Paweł ‘pavroo’ Pijanowski – founder, developer, repo holder, Sparky tools creator & iso builder

Community members help with many different tasks; for privacy reason, I can publish nick names only. In alphabetical order:
Capitan Jack – co-founder & co-developer of Sparky Small Business sub-project
lami07 – community git repo holder, forum global moderator, IRC channels holder
MoroS – coding, problems solver
The Black Pig – forum global moderator
And Sparky tools translators – you can find their names at locale files at our Wiki.

If you’d like you can join our community to help making SparkyLinux better than it is now.
How can you help:
1. Test Live version, install it on your hard (or virtual) drive and report bugs.
2. Find solutions for existing problems or check to do list (at sourceforge).
3. Suggest your own improvements / changes.
4. Translate Sparky tools to your language (see Wiki page for details).
5. Help our community members at our forums.
6. Tell your friends about Linux and SparkyLinux.


24 Responses

  1. pavroo says:

    It looks like the linuxtracker is down.
    It happens sometimes, we have to wait.

  2. Lizbeth says:

    Im getting tracker errors while trying to download the isos to my bittorrent server. FYI. Any ideas?

  3. pavroo says:

    It would be great.
    I will contact you via e-mail.

  4. Carlos says:


    I would like to help you with this project. I use linux since 5-6 ago and I think that it is a very nice distro with some interesting ideas. I have programming knowledge in this languages:

    * C++
    * Java
    * Python

    I know the OOP, pointers(C++), referencies (C++), abstract class, list, files, exceptions, socket, etc. I learned all in Internet (youtube, and other webs)
    I can also help like Beta-Tester.

    Yours sincerely,

  5. Gizmondo says:

    Sparky of pump and dump fame?

  6. sa3paleasm says:

    Thanks everybody the download will finish soon. it looks very nice.

    * sorry the the google translate dos`t work to any language by firefox 26 under ubuntu 12.04 i`ll try with debian or fodora may it work.

  7. Trenejro says:

    Dzieki za odpowiedz.

    Core to bardziej kojarzy mi sie z sama konsola (chociaz tez moglaby byc). Mam bardziej na mysli wersje ze srodowiskiem graficznym (Sparky Look&Feel) + terminal, jakis notatnik itp. male programiki (moze jeszcze jakas przegladarka i program pocztowy), reszta bylaby instalowana wedlug potrzeb przez uzytkownika. Osobiscie lubie male dystrybucje. Takie DVD to zjada mi caly zapas bonusowych GB.

    • pavroo says:

      Próbowałem ale mija się z celem. Sam system podstawowy + wszystkie dodatkowe sterowniki + lxde lub openbox to ponad 900 mb iso. Więc Core będzie bez całkowicie x-ów.

  8. Trenejro says:


    Fajnie, ze jest jeszcze jakas “zyjaca” polska distrybucja. Znacie jakies inne polskie dystrybucje, ktore sa ciagle rozwijane?

    Na koniec pytanie.

    Nie daloby sie zrobic wersji minimal lub base, tak do 256mb?

    • pavroo says:

      Są inne, trzeba tylko poszperać na polskich forach. Wersja core? Nasłuchuj na kanale rss 🙂

  9. pavroo says:

    @ Alfredo
    I think you have run Sparky 2.0 from USB, have you? I suggest to try it from DVD instead of USB.

  10. Alfredo says:

    Hello just downloaded eris basic to my hard drive. Having a bit of a problem with the internet access, and yes the computer is connected to the internet modem. Please help. Thanks

  11. linuxknow says:

    I try it testing and i send my tips.

    great job

  12. pavroo says:

    Hi Paul. Thank’s for your nice words. I wish to make fluxbox lite 2.x version, but I don’t have time now. But… I’ll think about it and I’ll see what I can do next month.

  13. Paul Walker says:

    Hi. I love the 2.0 however I have an older pc and it was a bit sluggish. i had to revert to 1.0. I love getting a fresh install and watching a new system fly on my older 2006 pc. 1.0 was awesome. I am just wondering if you guys are continuing making the lite versions cause that is the 1.0 i was using. I would love to see 2.0 lite or also 3.0 lite when you finally get it ready. can’t wait if you could bring these editions back. I love the idea of lite versions leaving the end user to install what they want. this is great for using for gaming or anything to make sure that the cpu/ram resources are kept at a minimum. also e17 is awesome and they finally have their final release. again great job. i see it is catching on

  14. pavroo says:

    Thank’s, I have added ‘How to help’ on this page.
    I’ll rebuild FAQ section first and I’ll put my doing list at sourceforge after so it’ll be clear what’s to do now. If you have your own ideas don’t hesitate and write it down, please.

  15. Nicholas says:

    let me know how i can help

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