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  1. Looking to run Sparky from a USB live, saving all changes to said USB, on lap top which have no HD. I like Sparky and should have tried long time ago! Been using Puppy flavours in this manner for years.
    But, which Sparky .ISO file should I use ??
    Thanks John.

  2. Hola. soy un usuario de Linux intermedio. me encanta usar ubuntu, fedora, debian, wifislax, puppy linux y Sparky linux.
    es notable la diferencia que existen pero con puppy linux y sparky puedo seguir usando mi computadora de bajos recursos.
    Las otras distirbuciones Linux son buenas. Pero requieren de mas recursos tecnicos, ya que necesitan mas capacidad y hardware mas avanzados.
    Uso Linux para trabajar y estudiar.

  3. era usuario de linuxmint y por problemas de actualizaciones y excesos software desidi cambiarlo intente con varios sistemas como mx linux,debian,deepin entre miles y siempre llegaba el problema de compatibilidad o de facilidad asi que volvia a linux mint , hasta que por fin encontre sparky linux con miedo lo instale por mis malas experiencias, pero sorpresa cumplio todas mis expectativas y mas ahora es mi sistema por defecto en todos mis computadores el principal es de 64 bits,4 nucleos,8 o 16 de ram(no recuerdo bien xd),tarjeta de video,etc. si quieres cambiar tu sistema windows,linux o mac 100% te recomiendo sparky linux lxqt es el que ocupo .
    I was a user of linuxmint and problems of updates and excesses software desidi change it try several systems like mx linux, debian, deepin among thousands and always came the problem of compatibility or ease so I returned to linux mint, until I finally found sparky linux with fear install it for my bad experiences, but surprise met all my expectations and more now is my default system in all my computers the main one is 64 bits, 4 cores, 8 or 16 ram (I do not remember well xd), video card, etc. If you want to change your system windows, linux or mac 100% I recommend sparky linux lxqt is the one I occupy.

  4. Hello. I was using Ubuntu for years until I’ve decided to flee from it because the snap policy and looking for a distro free of universal packages systems. So I’m a new user of Linux Mint on my main PC (I’ve fully removed Flatpack).
    I always has a old laptop with very low hardware resources and I used to install Crunchbang until it was discontinued. That’s why I’ve been using Sparky ever since. I use the minimalGUI release and I’m very satisfied about it. It actually runs. Perfectly runs. And I need to deal with apps of Spanish government, electronic signatures and digital certifies. Very difficult deal, but Sparky runs anyway. I have not yet found any problems in daily use. The desktop is simple and light, the menu updates automatically every app I install. No important problems about hardware, only with the bluetooth, but I don’t think any distribution could with it. No problem about software. Sparky runs and it’s a actual distro option for my main PC.
    I’m usinfg it now on a Travelmate 5720, Intel Core Duo T7300, 4Gb ram, 246 Gb ssd.

    • El asunto del bluetooth muy cierto lo que dices, solo hay una distro que funciona el blueman en cualquier hardware: LXLE linux version 18.04 tanto de 32 como de 64 bits, la tengo instalada en maquinas antiguas en las dos arquitecturas es una pasada, por otra parte tengo Sparky 6.7 en un Pentium Dual E2200 con SSD de 240 y va como un rayo, perfecta.

  5. Hi 🙂
    @first let me say thank you very much for your work!
    Is there any way to install Sparky 7 on a P4-machine with PAE (i686)? I had version 6.x on it – upgrade was not possible correct.

    Thank you very much for your support. *smiling

  6. i try install steam on sparky x86_64 minimalGUI but the os itself crash like systemd, udev, initramfs, etc. is broken and cant boot until login menu after reboot.. i try so many times to fix it, but nothing result, am i should use sparkylinux gameover version ?

  7. ———————————————-
    *x86_64 6.6 Po-Tolo LXQt device is forced
    *i686 6.6 Po-Tolo LXQt works fine
    2008 model (15 year old) Dual Core E5300 2.60Ghz
    3gb ram ddr2 and 20 gb 7200rpm hdd part 4.36gb used
    Firefox 102.9 ESR i686 (not bad)
    i686 Firefox Crashes frequently
    x86_64 Firefox Never crashed
    Pale Moon 32.1 (32 bit works very well)
    VLC 3.0.18 Vetinari 32 bit (1080p iptv/stream not bad)
    Hypnotix 32 bit works very well
    mpv 0.33.1-dmo2+deb11u2 32 bit (720p works perfectly, 1080p not bad)

    *i686 LXQt Sparky Backup System iso build took about 3 hours


    • I can’t say what the absolute minima are, but I have been using Sparky 6 stable (KDE Plasma Desktop) on a 13y-old Dell Vostro laptop with an i5 processor, 4Gb of RAM, and 128 Gb SSD, without any problems, for several years. It was my only computer until I lashed out late last year and bought a Dell 5155 with AMD Ryzen processor, 16Gb of RAM and 1.5 Gb in SSD storage. On the latter, I have a quad-boot system with Sparky Stable, Sparky Rolling, MX-Linux and Manjaro (all with KDE Plasma). I found both Sparky Stable and Sparky Rolling to be, well, very stable, and I have had no problems with either. MX is also very stable, but I can’t say the same for Manjaro.

      • Manjaro and its predecessors have always had usability problems Barry, they seem to prize innovation over functionality. I distro hopped for years and left KDE for a long time for various other desktop offerings, but am back now that it is no longer such a resource hog. I left soon after they introduced the 4 series whenever that was. I had Gnome going fine for a while before they came up with the Windows like interface, then it was mostly Cinnamon and LXDE.

  8. I have distro hopped for several years, since win 10 came out. Liked several, but this one is best I have found. Stable. Only issue I have is with wireless printing.
    It is an awesome distro.

  9. I love it except for the tools made specifically for this distro to manage configurations and install applications, I’m sad to see there isn’t any Trinity Desktop(Fork of KDE3.5 that I LOVE) ISO even though it’s supported by Sparky.

  10. i absolutely love this distro. i have been distro hopping for months now and i think i have finally found my match. thanks

    • Hi Davi,
      My Name is Roberto and I am a Friend of Leo Laporte of Twit.tv and I Have Been
      A Linux Distro Hopper For a Long Time Now
      and I Agree with You Debian Based Sparky Linux is Very Good I Love The KDE DE
      and also my Favorite Distro’s are KDE Neon
      Titan Linux and Linux Mint
      And I am a Linux Tech Guy
      Thank You Davi For Your Excellent Post

    • Name is David Carter,,, may have been my typing errors. (I’m 66 and have had 5 eye surgeries that did NOT work- so blind in one eye.. and some times have issues with the other.. and my touch typing is gonie to the dogs.. ha.
      Anway- still LOVE THIS DISTRO!!!

      • Hi David,

        it makes me sad to read about your eye problems. But anyway, I agree that Sparky is a fantastic distribution. I ran into it years ago, but continued using Xubuntu. However, recently I installed it on my PC as a second operating system, and I have to say, I’m quite thrilled.

        Easy to use and stable, as far as I can see.

    • Sorry, I mistyped my name (eye surgeries.. ha) Anyway– I have tried several distros in my linux time– but THIS is the one I’ve spent THE most time with– looked at some new ones I like a little – but ALWAYS end up KEEPING this one. I’ve had it 6 months now– the longest I’ve ever kept a distro except for MINT way back when I first came from Windows to Linux.
      It’s just SiMPLE- not bulky- VERY customizable- beautiful- FAST- light- and WORKS.. I’ve had ZERO issues with it– which I can NOT say about any other distro- INCLUDING mint.
      I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to do LINUX- new or experienced.


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