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  1. i try install steam on sparky x86_64 minimalGUI but the os itself crash like systemd, udev, initramfs, etc. is broken and cant boot until login menu after reboot.. i try so many times to fix it, but nothing result, am i should use sparkylinux gameover version ?

  2. ———————————————-
    *x86_64 6.6 Po-Tolo LXQt device is forced
    *i686 6.6 Po-Tolo LXQt works fine
    2008 model (15 year old) Dual Core E5300 2.60Ghz
    3gb ram ddr2 and 20 gb 7200rpm hdd part 4.36gb used
    Firefox 102.9 ESR i686 (not bad)
    i686 Firefox Crashes frequently
    x86_64 Firefox Never crashed
    Pale Moon 32.1 (32 bit works very well)
    VLC 3.0.18 Vetinari 32 bit (1080p iptv/stream not bad)
    Hypnotix 32 bit works very well
    mpv 0.33.1-dmo2+deb11u2 32 bit (720p works perfectly, 1080p not bad)

    *i686 LXQt Sparky Backup System iso build took about 3 hours


  3. I have distro hopped for several years, since win 10 came out. Liked several, but this one is best I have found. Stable. Only issue I have is with wireless printing.
    It is an awesome distro.

  4. I love it except for the tools made specifically for this distro to manage configurations and install applications, I’m sad to see there isn’t any Trinity Desktop(Fork of KDE3.5 that I LOVE) ISO even though it’s supported by Sparky.

  5. i absolutely love this distro. i have been distro hopping for months now and i think i have finally found my match. thanks

    • Hi Davi,
      My Name is Roberto and I am a Friend of Leo Laporte of and I Have Been
      A Linux Distro Hopper For a Long Time Now
      and I Agree with You Debian Based Sparky Linux is Very Good I Love The KDE DE
      and also my Favorite Distro’s are KDE Neon
      Titan Linux and Linux Mint
      And I am a Linux Tech Guy
      Thank You Davi For Your Excellent Post

    • Name is David Carter,,, may have been my typing errors. (I’m 66 and have had 5 eye surgeries that did NOT work- so blind in one eye.. and some times have issues with the other.. and my touch typing is gonie to the dogs.. ha.
      Anway- still LOVE THIS DISTRO!!!

      • Hi David,

        it makes me sad to read about your eye problems. But anyway, I agree that Sparky is a fantastic distribution. I ran into it years ago, but continued using Xubuntu. However, recently I installed it on my PC as a second operating system, and I have to say, I’m quite thrilled.

        Easy to use and stable, as far as I can see.

    • Sorry, I mistyped my name (eye surgeries.. ha) Anyway– I have tried several distros in my linux time– but THIS is the one I’ve spent THE most time with– looked at some new ones I like a little – but ALWAYS end up KEEPING this one. I’ve had it 6 months now– the longest I’ve ever kept a distro except for MINT way back when I first came from Windows to Linux.
      It’s just SiMPLE- not bulky- VERY customizable- beautiful- FAST- light- and WORKS.. I’ve had ZERO issues with it– which I can NOT say about any other distro- INCLUDING mint.
      I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to do LINUX- new or experienced.

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