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Sparky 5.8 RC2 ARMHF

New images of Sparky 5.8 RC2 for RaspberryPi are ready to go. Sparky 5.8 RC is a release candidate and is based on upcoming Debian stable Buster. The ARMHF images are available in two...


Sparky 4.8

New live/install iso images of SparkyLinux 4.8 “Tyche” are out. Sparky 4 is based on Debian stable line “Stretch” and built around the Openbox window manager. Sparky 4.8 offers a fully featured operating system...


Sparky 4.7 armhf

Sparky 4.7 armhf for RaspberryPi is out now. Sparky of the 4.x line is based on the stable branch of Debian 9 “Stretch”. This release is available in two versions: • Openbox – with...


Sparky 4-dev20171127 ARMHF

The second development image of Sparky 4-dev20171127 armhf for RaspberryPi is available for testing. Changes between the present and the first development versions: • fixed detected and reported issues; including connection configuration of ethernet...


Sparky 4-dev20171023 ARMHF

There is the first image of Sparky 4-dev20171023 ARMHF available for testing. The new image is created for a single board mini computer RaspberryPi. From Wikipedia: The Raspberry Pi is a series of small...