Sparky CLI Installer with autopartitioning

sparky cli installer autopartitioning

The latest version of Sparky CLI Installer provides a few changes, such as added autopartitioning option and so, setting the target system a little faster: – autopartitioning of selected disk – removes all data of the chosen disk – auto creates and formattes 3 partitions: root, swap and efi if required – requires 15 GB … Read more

Sparky Desktop 20180815.1

There is a new version of Sparky Desktop 20180815.1 package in our repository. The ‘sparky-desktop’ is a module of APTus which lets you install, reinstall or remove a desktop. Due to problems with uninstalling all desktops, new configuration has been implemented to make sure that a chosen desktop is properly removed from your system. The … Read more


debi-tool 0.1

There is a new, small tool available for Sparkers: DEBiTool. What is DEBiTool? It is a small tool which lets you install a deb package from your local disk, and reinstall or remove it as well. It uses Yad to display all messages. It can be used as an alternative for GDebi-GTK or GDebi-KDE. The … Read more

Language packages installer

language installer

The Sparky APTus features a tool which installs missing language packages. It can be used any time you’d like and is offered at the first system’s startup via Sparky First Run app as well. Changes at the language script: – added myspell and aspell dictionaries to be installed as default – added KDE and GNOME … Read more