Sparky CLI Installer with autopartitioning

The latest version of Sparky CLI Installer provides a few changes, such as added autopartitioning option and so, setting the target system a little faster:

– autopartitioning of selected disk – removes all data of the chosen disk
– auto creates and formattes 3 partitions: root, swap and efi if required
– requires 15 GB of disk minimum
– no root password (sudo in use only)
– installs grub in mbr with 5 sec (default) delay
– autologin enabled as default if any desktop is installed

It is available to Sparky testing (8) only.

To get and test it, launch Sparky latest ISO image 2024.02 and update the installer to version => 202404014:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-backup-core

The launch the cli installer as usually:
sudo sparky-installer

Let me know if you find any problem, please.

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