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Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 12:02 pm

Some of you asked me a few times about Sparky gadgets.
There is good news finally – we already got Sparky stickers.

We ordered the first, small set of very special stickers with Sparky logo.
They are not made only for fun, but they are reflective and water proof so can be used outside, specially at night time.

The stickers could be placed on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, bikes, pots, and whatever you’d like.
The sticker size is about 80 x 80 mm.

Anybody who will support Sparky project an amount of 20 Euros (or more) will get Sparky sticker as our big thank.

After sending your donation, send your full name and address via the contact form to be checked with the supporter’s data.
There is no problem to send a sticker everywhere – it can be done wherever you live on the Earth.

Depends of the stickers popularity, we can think about other gadgets, such as different stickers, fridge magnets, small mascots, etc, etc.

As you have probably seen, in the last two months time, our server was (and still is) down one or two times per day.
It happens because, the number of Sparkers and Linux user become bigger and bigger, but it doesn’t make any different about incomes of Google’s adds or donations.

The point is that the VPS has limited resocures… and there is only one way to fix the situation…
We can expand the VPS to a bigger one, but it is 300PLN (75 Euros about) more per year, we can’t spend it from our private wallet.

So your help will be priceless, consider a donation now, and get an unusual Sparky sticker now!

A big thank for our 3 supports; your support helped us to pay an extra bill for additional service around our vps.

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