Plasma video wallpaper

There is a new, small tool available for KDE & Sparky users: Plasma video wallpaper module.

The module lets you use a video file as an animated wallpaper or lock screen.

It can be installed from Sparky repository via Synaptic or apt commands:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install qml-module-org-kde-video-wallpaper

Then go to your desktop settings and change Image option to Video, then pick a video file.
It needs to log out and log in back.
Tested on Debian testing “Buster” / Sparky 5.

Plasma video wallpaper


SparkyLinux 4.4 is out

New, updated live/install iso images of SparkyLinux 4.4 “Tyche” are available to download now.

As before, Sparky “Home” editions provide fully featured operating system based on the Debian ‘testing’, with desktops of your choice: LXDE, LXQt, KDE, MATE and Xfce.

Changes between versions 4.3 and 4.4:
– full system upgrade as of August 15, 2016
– Linux kernel 4.6.4 (4.7.1-sparky is available in Sparky repos, see howto)
– firefox 45.3.0.ESR (firefox 48 is available in Sparky repos)
– calamares is available (but not default yet) in our repos
– new default theme called ‘Numix-SX’
– added new desktops to MinimalISO and APTus: Lumina, Trinity and PekWM
– ‘tint2’ panel replaced by ‘fbpanel’ in the MinimalGUI iso images
– added ‘rootactions-servicemenu’ to the Dolphin file manager in the KDE edition
– added short key which runs a terminal emulator in the MinimalGUI edition (Super+t)
– added an option which lets you install a PDF viewer, to the ‘sparky-office’ tool
– Midori web browser replaced by NetSurf in the MinimalGUI edition
– the ‘sparky-firstrun’ which lets you fully upgrade the system and install missing language packages has been fixed
– the ‘sparkylinux-installer’ – a part of ‘sparky-backup-core’ tool refreshes package list itself and installs the latest desktop settings in the MinimalGUI and MinimalCLI editions
– added Vivaldi and NetSurf web browsers to Sparky repos
– improved Wiki pages

The Sparky Advanced Installer runs on MinimalGUI or MinimalCLI iso image lets you install the base system with a minimal set of applications and a desktop of your choice, such as: awesome, bspwm, Budgie, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, GNOME Flashback, GNOME Shell, i3, IceWM, JWM, KDE Plasma 5, Lumina, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Openbox, Pantheon, PekWM, Trinity, Window Maker, Xfce.

It also lets you choose a web browser to be installed: Chromium, Dillo, Epiphany, Firefox (esr or latest), Konqueror, Midori, NetSurf, QupZilla, SeaMonkey, TOR Browser, Vivaldi.

The installation of a desktop of your choice via the Advanced Installer is possible only if your network connection is on (online installation). Otherwise, the Advanced Installer installs the Live system as it is.

Read the MinimalISO how to

ISO images of SparkyLinux can be downloaded from the download page:

Sparky ISO images verification how to:

Known issues: login screen failed, see how to fix it.


SparkyLinux 4.1

New iso images of SparkyLinux 4.1 are ready to go.
Sparky 4 is based on and fully compatible with Debian testing “Stretch”.

It’s the first update of SparkyLinux 4.x, which provides a few important changes, such as:
– full system upgrade from Debian testing repository as of 27/28 Sep 2015
– Linux kernel 4.1.6
– GCC 5.2.1
– systemd 226
– Plasma Desktop 5
– LibreOffice 5.0.1

Other changes:
– ‘Base’ Edition – ‘lxpolkit’ has been replaced by ‘policykit-1-gnome’
– deprecated Flash Player plugin removed – still can be installed via Sparky-Codecs tool or Synaptic
– added new package: ecryptfs-utils

The iso images are available in a few flavors, such as :
Full Edition – full set of applications for daily usage, wireless drivers, multimedia codecs and plugins:
– LXDE (lxde-common 0.99.0)
– LXQt (lxqt-common 0.9.1)
– KDE (Plasma Desktop 5.4.1)
– MATE 1.10.2
– Xfce 4.12.1

Base Edition – only the base system, lightweight desktop, wireless drivers and a few applications:
– Enlightenment 0.19.11
– JWM 2.1.0
– Openbox 3.6.1

CLI Edition – (Command Line Interface) – core system, wireless drivers and a few, text mode applications.
If you have SparkyLinux installed on a hard drive, make full system upgrade via ‘System Upgrade’ or Synaptic, or manually if you like:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install -f

Users of KDE edition should install ‘plasma-desktop’ package as well.

If the upgrade made some problems for you, I suggest to backup your personal data and make fresh Sparky installation.

Iso images of Sparky can be downloaded from the download page

Thank’s for voting and your feedback which have been left at the last pull.
Next SparkyLinux 4.2 images are expected on the end of December 2015.

Known issues:
– there is Plasma 5 wallpaper loaded as default in KDE 64 bit edition, instead of Sparky’s wallpaper 🙁
– the live installer’s autologin option doesn’t work in the KDE edition.

If you like Sparky, don’t forget to send small tip to keep Sparky alive.