Deepin desktop changes

The latest update has broken deepin desktop, so I updated all deepin related packages after. No luck anyway. The desktop is no longer compatible with Stretch, can be installed on Debian testing or Sid. All changes, tests and fight takes too much time so I decided to remove an installation option of deepin desktop from … Read moreDeepin desktop changes

DDE updated up to 15.4.1

sparky 5 deepin

The deepin desktop environment related packages have been updated up to the latest versions and moved to a separated repository. Due to a few dependency problems, all dde related packages have been moved to new sparky’s “dde” repository: deb dde main deb-src dde main stored in: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky-dde.list The new repos will be set … Read moreDDE updated up to 15.4.1

Deepin Desktop Environment

sparky 4 deepin

The Deepin desktop is not available for Sparky any more! There is a new desktop available for Sparkers now: Deepin Desktop Environment. DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) is a lightweight, elegant desktop environment originally created for the Linux Deepin distribution. Installation Installation on existing Sparky installation, alongside to other desktops can be performed via APT/Synaptic/APTus. 1. … Read moreDeepin Desktop Environment

Sparky 4.x MinimalISO installations screenshots

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