Mirror in USA

There is a new repo mirror available for Sparkers, located in Chicago, USA. Mirror US1 is provided by the – thanks a lot! If you would like to provide a mirror repo server in your location, send a message via contact form, please. Requirements and settings: If you’d like, I can set … Read moreMirror in USA

Old repos removed

A few months ago, in March 2020, new named repositories for Sparky have been created : • oldstable-> tyche • stable-> nibiru • testing-> potolo It will help to make painless dist upgrade from present Sparky testing to next Sparky stable, and from present Sparky stable to oldstable as well. As I mentioned before, the … Read moreOld repos removed

Migration to a new VPS

Migration to a new, bigger server is almost done, all the services work from the new one already. Important! A new Sparky repository public key has been generated so manually intervention is required! Users of all Sparky versions/editions have to install the new public key as follows: wget -O – | sudo apt-key add … Read moreMigration to a new VPS