There is a new desktop available for Sparkers: Mlvwm

What is Mlvwm?

MLVWM Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager is an X11 window manager with a classic MacOS appearance.

Its primary features include:
– Emulation of MacOS 7 & 8 menu bar & window decorations
– Optional multiple virtual desktops
– A main menu bar across the top of the screen, with:
— Configurable global and per-application menus
— Menu items trigger application functionality via keyboard shorcuts or commands
— An icon menu which shows all windows and supports:
— Switching desktops
— Selecting, hiding, and showing windows
— A balloon help menu
— The ability to “swallow” small windows into the menu bar
– Windows which support:
— Title bars with optional close, zoom, and shade buttons
— Resize handle
— Optional double-click to toggle window shade
— Drag as solid window or just outline
– Balloon help which shows X window information
– Global keyboard shortcuts
– Numerous configuration options to tune functionality

Installation (Sparky 7 & 8 all):
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mlvwm

It provides the window manager and empty top panel only.


If you like, you can also install sample configuration created by the MLVWM developer, and upgraded by my (pavroo).
sudo apt install mlvwmrc

mlvwm on sparky 7

License: This software is distributed as freeware as long as the original copyright remains in the source code and all documentation. Some files retain their original MIT license and one file is in the public domain.

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