Annual donations for our server 2022

The annual payment day for our server is coming. We got quite a large increase from our server provider. So, until 15.01.2023 we would collect for the server the amount of 510 Euros, plus min. 720 Euros for our monthly living and bills, such as: electricity, gas, water, internet, domains, expenses related to improving the … Read moreAnnual donations for our server 2022

Mirror in USA

There is a new repo mirror available for Sparkers, located in Chicago, USA. Mirror US1 is provided by the – thanks a lot! If you would like to provide a mirror repo server in your location, send a message via contact form, please. Requirements and settings: If you’d like, I can set … Read moreMirror in USA

Payment day coming (2019)

Like every year Sparky needs YOUR help now! As you know, SparkyLinux is a non-profit project so it does not earn money. And probably some of you know that we have to pay bills for hosting server (vps), domains, the power (electricity), broadband (internet connection), etc., etc., from our personal, home budget. The time for … Read morePayment day coming (2019)