Sparky news 2024/01

The 1st monthly Sparky project and donate report of the 2024: – Linux kernel updated up to 6.7.2, 6.6.14-LTS, 6.1.75-LTS & 5.15.148-LTS – Sparky Locker doesn’t start automatically now, but you can launch it from the desktop’s menu – Linux kernel 6.6 LTS going to Sparky kernel installer of APTus – Sparky 2024.01 of the … Read more

Annual donations for our server 2023

Our annual server payday is coming, so we’re starting our annual fundraiser. Until January 15, 2024 we need to collect and pay for the server the amount of EUR 510 plus min EUR 820 for our monthly bills, such as: electricity, gas, water, internet, domains, expenses related to improving the functionality of websites, constantly consuming … Read more

Sparky news 2023/10

The 10th monthly Sparky project and donate report of the 2023: – Linux kernel updated up to 6.6.0 & 6.1.60-LTS & 5.15.137-LTS – added to repos: spectrum audio player – Sparky 2023.10 & 2023.10 Special Editions of the rolling line released Sparky 7 ARMHF & ARM64 for RaspberryPi single board computers is on the way. … Read more

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