Deepin Desktop Environment

Last Updated on: 17th November 2016, 05:39 pm


There is a new desktop available for Sparkers now: Deepin Desktop Environment.

DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) is a lightweight, elegant desktop environment originally created for the Linux Deepin distribution.

Installation on existing Sparky installation, alongside to other desktops can be performed via APT/Synaptic/APTus.

1. Recommended way via APTus:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus sparky-desktop sparky-desktop-data

Then install DDE via APTus from the Menu-> System-> APTus-> Desktop-> Deepin


2. APT:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-desktop-deepin

3. Fresh system installation via Sparky MinimalGUI/MinimalCLI 4.4 iso image (and Sparky Advanced Installer).

After installing a new desktop, reboot your machine to take effects.

Deepin Desktop on Sparky

Known issues:
– if network connection doesn’t start itself – open Deepin Control Center-> Network, disconnect and re-connect, then save it.
– if the bottom panel doesn’t show all icons, launch any application which force to run the panel’s system tray and will display rest of the missing icons.



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  1. GREAT JOB FOLKS! install went smooth no surprises or disappointments. love the addition of Deepin.

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