Pantheon desktop changes

The Pantheon Desktop Environment packages are installed in Sparky from a 3rd party repositories. The latest upgrade has broken the desktop on Sparky 5.x based on Debian testing “Buster”. The desktop packages are targeted to Debian Stretch and still work fine on Sparky 4.x. So, I removed Pantheon desktop installation from MinimalGUI/CLI iso images, and … Read more

Sparky 4.3-dev3 MinimalISO

sparky 4 bspwm

This is the 3th and probably the last development version of SparkyLinux 4.3-dev3 MinimalISO. Changes between Sparky 4.3-dev2 and dev3: 1. Improved the Sparky Advanced Installer: – added 4 more desktops: bspwm, i3, Pantheon and Window Maker – added more options to be saved in the log file; if any problem with the advanced installer, … Read more

Sparky 4.x MinimalISO installations screenshots

awesome bspwm Budgie Desktop CDE Cinnamon Deepin Enlightenment Fluxbox GNOME Flashback GNOME Shell i3 IceWM JWM KDE Plasma 5 Lumina LXDE LXQt Pantheon MATE Openbox PekWM Trinity (TDE) Window Maker   Back to -> Screenshots main page