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SparkyLinux 2.0 alpha1

  Informacja o wydaniu w języku polskim -> https://linuxiarze.pl/sparkylinux-2-0-alpha1/   I am pleased to inform that we have started working with SparkyLinux 2. The effect of our work is the first testing release alpha1...


System tools and apps screenshots

  e17 fonts configuration e17 gadgets configuration e17 icons configuration e17 locales configuration e17 screen resolution configuration e17 settings main window e17 shelves configuration e17 wallpapers configuration GNOME System Monitor GParted Gufw Htop Midnight...


Desktop screenshots

  e17 1.0 beta2 e17 1.0 beta2 PL 1.0 beta2 boot window   1.0 beta2 GDM login screen e17 1.0 rc WindowMaker 1.0 beta1   Fluxbox 1.0 rc1 e17 1.0 Lite Fluxbox 1.0 Lite...