SparkyLinux 2.1.1 MATE Edition is out

  It’s available new iso images of SparkyLinux 2.1.1 “Eris” MATE Edition. On the beginning of April, the MATE team published new version of MATE environment 1.6. SparkyLinux 2.1 MATE Edition features MATE 1.4. It can be a little difficult to make clear upgrade of MATE, so I decided to make new iso images, which … Read more

SparkyLinux 2.1 “Eris” is out

sparky 2.1 lxde

I am happy to announce the final versions of SparkyLinux “Eris” 2.1 e17/LXDE, 2.1 MATE Edition and update of 2.1.1 Ultra Edition. Iso images provides bugs fixing, updates and new features. All new images of SparkyLinux “Eris” have been synchronised between themselves, and all packages upgraded from Debian testing repos of 15/03/2013. New live system … Read more

SparkyLinux 2.1 rc “Eris”

sparky 2.1 e17

SparkyLinux 2.1 rc “Eris” (Main Edition) is out. The system is built as all 2.x releases on Debian testing “Wheezy”. New iso e17/LXDE providing a lot of updates, bug fixing and new features, such as: – Linux kernel 3.2.35 – Enlightenment 0.17.1 – all packages have been updates – fixed USB Live system works – … Read more

Live system missing permission

Copping iso image onto USB Pen/Flash Drive, it seems that the file can’t be copied correctly. I’ve been used UNetbootin, SparkyLinux USB Creator/Remastersys USB Tool many times and not every time the system has been booted well. 1. The network-manager applet does not let to manage wireless networks. Wireled networks start working automatically. 2. Mounting … Read more