How to: Upgrade Sparky E17 to E18

This is the recommended way to upgrade SparkyLinux Enlightenment desktop from E17 to E18:

1. Add Sparky E18 repository – edit the file ‘sources.list’ (as root):
nano /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Change SparkyLinux repository from:
deb testing main
deb testing main
deb e18 main

3. Leave Enlightenment desktop, login to an other desktop or leave graphical environment and login to a text console with keys: Alt+Control+F2 (F2-F6).

4. Remove E17 packages:
apt-get remove e17 e17-data libefreet1
apt-get autoremove

5. Install E18 packages:
apt-get update
apt-get install enlightenment terminology

If any problem, run:
apt-get install -f

6. Restart your machine:

Known bugs: the panel’s tray doesn’t work well.
Suggestion: use alternative panel (lxpanel, tint2, xfce4panel, etc.)

SparkyLinux 3.3 LXDE, e17 & Razor-Qt

SparkyLinux 3.3 “Annagerman” LXDE, Razor-Qt and e17 is out.

New iso images of SparkyLinux provide a ton of updates, some changes and system improvements, such as:
– Linux kernel 3.12
– all packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2014/03/04
– new installer forked from LMDE/SolydXK (no support for EFI yet)
– new wallpaper ‘Strange Nature’ by Sakasa + artwork of Grub, Plymouth and installer based on the wallpaper
– sudo is active as default after installation
– SparkyLinux default repository has been changed
– new, refreshed logo

The ‘old’ installer is still available in the live system and it is recommended for ‘old’ machines.
It can be run in text mode, by the command:
sudo sparkylinux-installer
or in graphical mode:
sudo sparkylinux-installer gui
The ‘old’ installer features two changes as well:
– partition detection way has been changed after the disk partitioning process is ended
– added new option ‘nogrub’ which lets you NOT install bootloader Grub.

Added new applications and tools:
– Boot-repair – a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues
– Truecrypt – a source-available freeware application used for on-the-fly disks and partitions encryption
– Plymouth + sparky-plymouth-theme
– uGet + Aria2 as the default download manager for Iceweasel, via FlashGot plugin
– Osmo is out – replaced by Iceowl plugin for Icedove mail client
– Hotot-Gtk microblogging client
– sparky-eraser – simply graphical interface for ‘shred’ and ‘wipe’ tools, read the post: Truecrypt & Sparky-Eraser
– sparky-wine – simply Wine wrapper which lets you choose and install ‘.exe’ applications from a local drive

‘SparkyBackup-System’ – the default Sparky backup tool has been removed from the system.
It needs to be rebuild due to some changes between system base and installer of Sparky 3.2 and 3.3.

SparkyLinux LXDE

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SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE & CLI is out


SparkyLinux 3.2 “Annagerman” Enlightenment, MATE & CLI is out.

New Live/Install media of SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE and CLI features:
– Linux kernel 3.11-2 (3.11.10-1)
– all packages have been upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/12/15
– MATE 1.6
– Enlightenment 0.17.3-2
– PCManFM 1.1.2-1 (e17 desktop)
– added support for installation 32 bit applications on 64 bit systems
– added 32 bit wine package for 64 bit system
– added package curl – it’s a missing depends for PlayOnLinux
– e17 desktop – added packages: sparky-locales, sparky-passwdchange, sparky-timedateset, sparky-users, sparky-xdf
– MATE desktop – added packages: sparky-conky, sparky-locales, sparky-tray
– sparky-aptus has been updated up to version 0.1.6 – added new option ‘Fix Broken DPKG’ – it lets you fix not (or wrong) installed/upgraded packages with ‘dpkg’ tool.

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SparkyLinux 3.1 e17, MATE & Razor-Qt is out


SparkyLinux 3.1 “Annagerman” e17, MATE and Razor-Qt is out.

The new iso images of SparkyLinux providing a few changes and system imrovment, similar to the last week release of Sparky 3.1 LXDE, Ultra and CLI:
– Linux kernel 3.10-3 (3.10.11-1)
– all packages have been updated from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/10/05
– SparkyBackup-System one more bug fixed (thanks to The Black Pig) – updated up to 0.1.5
– e17 desktop is available as a separated iso image now and it has been updated up to version 0.17.3 from Debian unstable Sid repository
– added Teamviewer client, Sparky APTus, Minitube, Gnote, Osmo, Radiotray and Xfburn

New forum is also available for English speakers.

Known bugs:
– in some cases the live installer “can’t see” any disk (hard/usb) if an USB disk is plugged in


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Lxpolkit updating


Lxpolkit has been automatically removed after this week system upgrading.
But it’s still available as a part of new version of Lxsession package.
If you have a problem with root privileges (mounting patitions, network cards management, etc.), add a new option to your system startup:
It can happen at SparkyLinux editions: e17, LXDE, Openbox, JWM and Razor-Qt.
If you need help with that, go to our forums.


SparkyLinux 3.0.2 is out


SparkyLinux 3.0.2 “Annagerman” has been released.

Sparky 3.0.2 provides a few important changes, such as:
– sparky-installer bug has been fixed. It did not let to make installation on USB disks before (the final version of Sparky 3.0 “Annagerman”) and did not show any disk (hard/USB) if an USB disk was connected to the computer
– all packages updated from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/08/07
– added dropbox client
– a few minor improvements

You don’t have to reinstall SparkyLinux if you installed Sparky already on your hard/USB drive.
New iso images can be use to make fresh installation.


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SparkyLinux 3.0 is out


SparkyLinux 3.0 “Annagerman” is out.
Sparky 3.x is built on the “testing” branch of Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie”.

The final release of Sparky 3.0 features:
– Linux kernel 3.9.8-1
– all packages updating from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/07/21
– minor bugs fixing
– small improvements of all the desktops
– new Sparky3-theme compatible with GNOME 3.8
– added extra functionality of the CLI edition (former name: Core) – see: How to SparkyLinux CLI

Live system user is: live
Password: live
Root password is blank.

Minimum system requirements for SparkyLinux 3.0 :
– CPU i486 / amd64
– RAM memory:
— LXDE/e17, Ultra (Openbox/JWM) Edition: 256MB
— MATE, Razor-Qt Edition: 384MB
— CLI Edition: 128MB
– an optical drive or USB port
– for full installation on a hard drive or flash USB disk:
— LXDE/e17, Ultra, MATE, Razor-Qt: 5GB (10GB recommended)
— CLI: 2GB

Check all changes of Sparky 3.0 edition: Beta1, Beta1 Core, Beta2, RC.

Many thanks for all guys who helped to improve SparkyLinux in any possible way.

Sparky 3.0 LXDE


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SparkyLinux 3.0 RC is out


SparkyLinux 3.0 RC “Annagerman” is out.
Sparky 3.x is built on the “testing” branch of Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie”.

The release candidate of Sparky 3 provides a few more changes and system improvement, such as:

1. All packages have been synchronized with Debian testing repos as of 2013/07/06.

2. Linux kernel 3.9-1

3. SparkyBackup-System has additional support for JWM desktop.

4. SparkyBackup-Apss Copy & Recovery has been enhanced and supports 15 apps now: Chromium, Claws-mail, Filezilla, gFTP, Iceape/SeaMonkey, Icedove, Iceweasel/Firefox, Kadu, Licq, Liferea, Opera, Pidgin, QupZilla, Tomboy and XChat.

5. Added new application: “sparky-screenshot” – it’s a simple GUI for “scrot” and it’s preinstalled with Sparky Openbox, JWM and Razor-Qt desktops.

6. Added new application: “sparky-gexec” – this package will install “gexec” and will add the entry to the system menu. Sparky-gExec replaced “gmrun” and it’s preinstalled with Sparky Openbox, JWM and Razor-Qt desktops.

7. “sparky-jwm-exit” provides “yad” based logout, reboot and poweroff dialog window for JWM desktop.

8. QupZilla web browser replaced Chromium at Ultra Edition.

9. Razor-Qt is a new deskop in Sparky family. Razor-Qt is based on Qt freamwork but the Sparky Razor-Qt Edition does not feature any KDE SC applications. It means that SparkyLinux Razor-Qt is as light and fast as the rest of the Sparky editions.
I used Qt based applications everywhere I could.
SparkyLinux Razor-Qt features tools and applications, such as:
– Openbox window manager
– PCManFM file manager (PCManFM-Qt is still too fresh)
– QupZilla web browser
– Claws-mail email & RSS client
– Qmmp audio player (+ extra skins)
– SMPlayer2 (front-end for MPlayer2)
– VLC multimedia player + vlc-mozilla-plugin for web browsers
– Juffed text editor
– Hotot – Twitter client
– Qasmixer
– Quassel IRC client
– Fatrat file transfer client (http, ftp, bittirrent, etc.)
– Licq IM client (MSN, Jabber, AIM, ICQ)
– Qpdfview PDF viewer
– Qcomicbook

10. “gnome-bluetooth” package has been removed – the packege upgrading used to download a lot of extra libs and apps. There is “blueman” preinstaled already for bluetooth managing.

Please test it before the final version will be released and report whatever you find.
Grab the new LXDE/e17, Ultra (Openbox/JWM), MATE, Razor-Qt or Core iso image from our download page.

Thanks go to simarcik for his keyboard (mine is going to burn itself).


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