How to: Upgrade Sparky E17 to E18

Out of date! This is the recommended way to upgrade SparkyLinux Enlightenment desktop from E17 to E18: 1. Add Sparky E18 repository – edit the file ‘sources.list’ (as root): nano /etc/apt/sources.list 2. Change SparkyLinux repository from: deb testing main to: deb testing main deb e18 main 3. Leave Enlightenment desktop, login to … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.3 LXDE, e17 & Razor-Qt

sparky 3.3 lxde

SparkyLinux 3.3 “Annagerman” LXDE, Razor-Qt and e17 is out. New iso images of SparkyLinux provide a ton of updates, some changes and system improvements, such as: – Linux kernel 3.12 – all packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2014/03/04 – new installer forked from LMDE/SolydXK (no support for EFI yet) – new wallpaper … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE & CLI is out

  SparkyLinux 3.2 “Annagerman” Enlightenment, MATE & CLI is out. New Live/Install media of SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE and CLI features: – Linux kernel 3.11-2 (3.11.10-1) – all packages have been upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/12/15 – MATE 1.6 – Enlightenment 0.17.3-2 – PCManFM 1.1.2-1 (e17 desktop) – added support for installation … Read more