There is a new package available for Sparkers: Kvantum.

What is Kvantum?

Kvantum is an SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5 and KDE, i.e. a program for styling Qt applications with SVG images, with an emphasis on elegance, usability and practicality.

Kvantum comes with a default dark theme, inspired by the default theme of Enlightenment. Creation of realistic themes like that for KDE was my first reason to make Kvantum but it allows themes with very different looks and feels, whether they be photorealistic or cartoonish, 3D or flat, embellished or minimalistic, or something in between.

Kvantum also has extra themes, that are installed as root with Qt5 installation and can be selected and activated by using Kvantum Manager.

The core idea of Kvantum, namely using of SVG images for drawing Qt widgets, is taken from QuantumStyle (not developed anymore but continued as QSvgStyle at

apt update
apt install kvantum

The Kvantum package is available for Sparky 4 and Sparky 5 as well.


The project developer is Pedram Pourang, a.k.a. Tsu Jan.
The home page of Kvantum:


QT 5.7.0 doesn’t support GTK theming

The QT 5.7.0 doesn’t support GTK theming, so after upgrade Qt related packages, the Qt based applications look… not really nice on GTK based desktops.

How to fix it:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install qt5-style-plugins

sudo nano /etc/environment
and past into the file:
sudo reboot

That’s all. The first screen shows a Qt5 based application before, the second one after.

QMPlay2 before    QMPlay2 after

Extra 0.0.1

There is a new, small application available in Sparky repos, for Enlightenment lovers: Extra 0.0.1.

Extra is a app which allows you to install elementary themes on your computer.
The app is based on elementary and uses efl libraries to download the theme.
It does so by fetching themes from

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install extra


There is also a short entry about Extra in Sparky Wiki:

Eflete 0.6.1

There is a new tool from the “e” group targeted to the Enlightenment users and developers, available in the Sparky repository now: Eflete.

EFL Edje Theme Editor (eflete) is a EFL theme editor with some convenient functions. Eflete oriented towards theme editor and UI design, and not GUI over the edc syntax.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install eflete


The ‘eflete’ package is available as i386 and amd64 binary and as a source code package as well.

There is also a Wiki page available of the Eflete tool: eflete

Theme changing problem

Changing the default theme on Sparky LXDE, Ultra and Razor-Qt can make a problem.
To do that I used to use Lxappearance.
It saves new settings in 3 files:

If Lxappearance changes the first two files well, it does not change the last one “desktop.conf”.
So edit the “desktop.conf” file with a text editor and change the line from:


and save the file.