SparkyLinux 3.1 e17, MATE & Razor-Qt is out

SparkyLinux 3.1 “Annagerman” e17, MATE and Razor-Qt is out. The new iso images of SparkyLinux providing a few changes and system improvement, similar to the last week release of Sparky 3.1 LXDE, Ultra and CLI: – Linux kernel 3.10-3 (3.10.11-1) – all packages have been updated from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/10/05 – SparkyBackup-System … Read more

Sparky APTus

aptus 0.2

Sparky APTus is a small, simply and lightweight front-end for “apt-get” and “dpkg” tools. It can be used for upgrading, installing, removing packages and cleaning up the system. The application can do: – Update – update package list – Upgrade – safely system upgrading – Dist_Upgrade – full system upgrading – recommended way to keep … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.0.2 is out

  SparkyLinux 3.0.2 “Annagerman” has been released. Sparky 3.0.2 provides a few important changes, such as: – sparky-installer bug has been fixed. It did not let to make installation on USB disks before (the final version of Sparky 3.0 “Annagerman”) and did not show any disk (hard/USB) if an USB disk was connected to the … Read more