How To SparkyLinux CLI 3.4 and above

SparkyLinux CLI started from version 3.4 features only: – core system of Debian testing – network manager wicd-cli – file manager, text editor and ftp client Midnight Commander – web browser eLinks – the old installer (sparkylinux-installer) – set of wifi cards drivers – unzip, unrar, p7zip-full, ntfs-3g, nano, ufw How to make internet connection? … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.5 LXDE, Razor-Qt, CLI, E18 & E19-dev is out

SparkyLinux 3.5 “Annagerman” LXDE, Razor-Qt, CLI, Enlightenment 18 & 19-dev is out. New Live/Install iso images provide up to date packages and a few changes. All packages have been synchronized with Debian “testing” repositories as of 02/09/2014. The system runs on Linux kernel 3.14.2 (3.14.15-2). This time the Enlightenment edition is available in two versions: … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE & CLI is out

  SparkyLinux 3.2 “Annagerman” Enlightenment, MATE & CLI is out. New Live/Install media of SparkyLinux 3.2 e17, MATE and CLI features: – Linux kernel 3.11-2 (3.11.10-1) – all packages have been upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/12/15 – MATE 1.6 – Enlightenment 0.17.3-2 – PCManFM 1.1.2-1 (e17 desktop) – added support for installation … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.1 LXDE, Ultra & CLI is out

SparkyLinux 3.1 “Annagerman” LXDE, Ultra and CLI is out. New iso images of SparkyLinux 3.1 providing a few changes and system improvements, such as: – Linux kernel 3.10-3 (3.10.11-1) – all packages have been updated from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/09/27 – added Teamviewer client for remote controling other machines – added Sparky APTus … Read more

SparkyLinux 3.0 is out

sparky 3 lxde

SparkyLinux 3.0 “Annagerman” is out. Sparky 3.x is built on the “testing” branch of Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie”. The final release of Sparky 3.0 features: – Linux kernel 3.9.8-1 – all packages updating from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/07/21 – minor bugs fixing – small improvements of all the desktops – new Sparky3-theme compatible with … Read more