How to install SparkyLinux 2.x/3.x on a hard drive?

To install SparkyLinux on a hard/usb drive run desktop’s “SparkyLinux installer” icon. You can also use text mode installer – instead of GUI: sudo sparkylinux-installer   1. Target system’s language 1. Run the installer and click “Yes”. 2. The installer will install the system with locales you’ve chosen at start boot and US English keyboard … Read more

How to burn SparkyLinux ISO image on any Linux host?

If your machine running under Linux distribution, just use default burning application you have. You can also choose different, one of available burning apps designed for Linux, such as Brasero (for example). 1. Run the application and click “Burn image” button. 2. Select SparkyLinux iso image from your local disk. 3. Open “Properties” option and … Read more

How to burn SparkyLinux ISO image on MS Windows host?

To do that you can use one of many free burning applications designed for MS Windows host, such as BurnAware Free (for example). 1. Run the application and find “Burn ISO” option. 2. Load SparkyLinux iso image. 3. Change burning speed for as slow as possible. 4. Click “Burn” button and wait until it will … Read more

How to make SparkyLinux bootable USB key or any Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows host?

To do that you can use multiplatforms application UNetbootin. It’s available for most Linux distributions, Mac OSX and MS Windows as well. SparkyLinux Full-DVD has UNetbootin pre-installed inside the system. It can be used if you run SparkyLinux from hard drive or as a live system from CD/DVD disk too. Putting SparkyLinux iso image to … Read more

How to install the newest linux kernel?

This post is out of date, check -> SparkyLinux 2.0 is based on Debian testing “Wheezy” so it featuring Linux kernel 3.2 LTS. If you need to install the newest Linux kernel, you have to: 1. In text console edit (as root) “sources.list” and add Debian unstable “Sid” repos: su nano /etc/apt/sources.list 2. Add … Read more