There is a new desktop available for Sparkers: Mlvwm What is Mlvwm? MLVWM Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager is an X11 window manager with a classic MacOS appearance. Its primary features include: – Emulation of MacOS 7 & 8 menu bar & window decorations – Optional multiple virtual desktops – A main menu bar across the … Read more

Sparky 2023.10

This is the October update of Sparky rolling iso images which works on the Linux kernel 6.5 as default, and provides updated packages from Debian ‘trixie’ and Sparky ‘sisters’ testing repos. What’s new: – all packages upgraded from Debian and Sparky testing repos as of October 10, 2023 – Linux kernel 6.5.3 (6.5.7 & 6.1.57-ESR … Read more

Penguins’ eggs

penguins eggs

There is a new application available for Sparkers: Penguins’ eggs What is Penguins’ eggs? penguins-eggs is a console tool, under continuous development, that allows you to remaster your system and redistribute it as live images on usb sticks or via PXE. It supports: Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu and major derivatives: Linuxmint, KDE neon, etc. You can … Read more

Sparky 7.0.1

There is an update of Sparky ISO images of the stable line 7.0.1 out there. This is a minor update, it mainly fixed an issue of the live config, which did not let you launch password reqiured application without password in live session, such as: Calamares, APTus, GParted, Gufw, etc. Now, the apps don’t need … Read more