Live system missing permission


Copping iso image onto USB Pen/Flash Drive, it seems that the file can’t be coppied correctly.

I’ve been used UNetbootin, SparkyLinux USB Creator/Remastersys USB Tool many times and not every time the system has been booted well.

1. The network-manager applet does not let to manage wireless networks.


Wireled networks start working automatically.

2. Mounting other disk partitions can’t be done.


3. Can’t shut the Live system down – only Log out option.
To perform closing down the Live system run in terminal:
sudo halt


I have not found a solution for that yet.
To avoid the problems I suggest to run SparkyLinux from DVD drive – it works very well.


Updating 22/02/2013
This bug has been fixed.
From SparkyLinux 2.1 Ultra and 2.1 rc MATE the system is free of the problem now.

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System tools and apps screenshots

SparkyLinux e17 1.0 fonts config
e17 fonts configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 gadgets
e17 gadgets configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 icons config
e17 icons configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 locales config
e17 locales configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 screen resolution
e17 screen resolution configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 settings main window
e17 settings main window
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 shelves config
e17 shelves configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 wallpapers config
e17 wallpapers configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 GNOME System Monitor
GNOME System Monitor
SparkyLinux 1.0 GParted
SparkyLinux 1.0 Gufw
SparkyLinux 1.0 Htop
SparkyLinux 1.0 Midnight Commander
Midnight Commander
SparkyLinux 1.0 NTFS config
NTFS config tool
SparkyLinux 1.0 PCManFM
SparkyLinux 1.0 Sun Java config
Sun Java configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 Synaptic
SparkyLinux 1.0 Top
SparkyLinux 1.0 UNetbootin
SparkyLinux 1.0 Update Manager
Update Manager

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System requirements


What is the minimum system requirements to run SparkyLinux?

SparkyLinux is designed for old and new machines as well (32 and 64 bit).

Minimum is:
– CPU i486 / amd64
– 256MB RAM – LXDE, e17, Openbox, GameOver
– 384MB RAM – MATE, Razor-Qt
– 128MB RAM – CLI Edition
– 512MB SWAP partition or bigger
– 5GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation – 10GB recommended
– 20GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation – 30GB recommended (GameOver)
– 2GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation (CLI edition)
– an optical drive or USB port

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