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Sparky 5.8 RC2 ARMHF

New images of Sparky 5.8 RC2 for RaspberryPi are ready to go. Sparky 5.8 RC is a release candidate and is based on upcoming Debian stable Buster. The ARMHF images are available in two...


Sparky 4.7 armhf

Sparky 4.7 armhf for RaspberryPi is out now. Sparky of the 4.x line is based on the stable branch of Debian 9 “Stretch”. This release is available in two versions: • Openbox – with...


Sparky 4-dev20171127 ARMHF

The second development image of Sparky 4-dev20171127 armhf for RaspberryPi is available for testing. Changes between the present and the first development versions: • fixed detected and reported issues; including connection configuration of ethernet...


Sparky 4-dev20171023 ARMHF

There is the first image of Sparky 4-dev20171023 ARMHF available for testing. The new image is created for a single board mini computer RaspberryPi. From Wikipedia: The Raspberry Pi is a series of small...