Sparky 4.7 armhf

Sparky 4.7 armhf for RaspberryPi is out now.
Sparky of the 4.x line is based on the stable branch of Debian 9 “Stretch”.

This release is available in two versions:
• Openbox – with a small set of applications
• CLI – text based

• fixed all known issues
• changed ‘volumeicon’ to ‘pnmixer’ for better compatibility with the default audio server; it lets you scroll down and up the volume level via the panel icon
• changed ‘pcmanfm’ file manager to ‘thunar’
• changed ‘uget’ download manager to text based ‘aria2’
• inserted external volumes are automatically mounted now
• web browser changed to ‘netsurf’; it’s very, very lightweight browser which did not freeze down during my heavy tests; install your favorite web browsers via the package manager or Sparky’s web browser installer tool, if you wish
• the default music player is ‘alsaplayer’ now, which lets you listen to the music from hard, usb and cd drives
• no changes with the movie player – ‘gnome-mplayer’ as a gui of ‘mplayer’ with ‘mencoder’ pre-installed lets you open most popular audio and video files

The user name is: pi ; password: sparky
root password is: toor

Some helpful tips are placed on our Wiki pages.

Get the latest Sparky images from the download/stable page.


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