Sparky news 2017/11/30

Last Updated on: 30th November 2017, 05:33 pm


Sparky monthly report of the November 2017:
– keep building missing packages for armhf arch
– re-built some sparky tools to be compatible with armhf arch
– enlightenment updated up to version 0.22.1 and efl up to 1.20.6, so they are available now for i386, amd64 & armhf archs
– lumina-desktop updated up to version 1.4.0-p1 and is available now for i386, amd64 & armhf
– Sparky 4.7 “Tyche” of the stable line has been released
– Sparky 5-dev20171120 with disk ecryption via the Calamares installer has been released
– Sparky 4-dev20171127 for RaspberryPi has been released
– the latest Linux kernel updated up to version 4.14.3

Having much, and much work to do around Sparky, I consider to cut down (only one less by now) the next coming live/install media of Sparky 5.2.

I also consider to remove dde repository and all the packages – the desktop doesn’t work on Buster as it should, so there is no reason and no enough time to keep it there any longer.

Sometimes the less means more.


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