Sparky news 2017/08/30

  The August almost finished so it’s time to make a thick line and say what happened: – sparky-usb-formatter small issue fixed thank’s to gom1 – sparky-backup-desktop – a part of sparkylinux advanced installer: • fixed yad window size • fixed issue around a display manager installation reported by tomix86 – sparky-backup-core – fixed memtest86+ … Read more

Sparky news 2017/06/29

  An another month almost gone, even haven’t seen when… So what changed? – Lumina Desktop updated up to version 1.3.0; with new ‘lumina-mediaplayer’ tool; fixed reboot and poweroff menu options (during compilation process detected as Linux not Debian, with wrong the 2 commands before) – added new packages to the repos: Opera web browser, … Read more

Sparky news 2017/05/29

  Not much published in May, but changes happen under the hood: – the biggest changes are around Sparky packages – I built many source packages of Sparky tools, and they landed to our repos already. Still some packs missing, but keep building when I can – APTus upgraded up to 0.3.11, which features new … Read more