Sparky news 2017/08/30

Last Updated on: 29th October 2017, 04:09 pm


The August almost finished so it’s time to make a thick line and say what happened:

– sparky-usb-formatter small issue fixed thank’s to gom1
– sparky-backup-desktop – a part of sparkylinux advanced installer:
• fixed yad window size
• fixed issue around a display manager installation reported by tomix86
– sparky-backup-core – fixed memtest86+ boot option in a new iso; the memtest86+ is copied now from installed package of your system
– all Deepin Desktop Environment related packages have been upgrade to their latest versions
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to the latest version 4.12.9
– added new packages to the repos: Brave, Iron & Cyberfox web browsers; GZDoom; Indicator-cpufreq; Leo Editor;
– new, home brew app: Web Browser Installer
– updated EFL 1.20.2, Python-EFL 1.20.0, Enlightenment 0.21.9, Terminology 1.1.0 & Ephoto 1.5 – all built on Stretch, not current testing
– our community member ‘gom1’ gave me 2 used desktops (3 cores each) which I already changed with my friend to a one 2CPU’s x 4 cores (8 cores all together) workstation beast, what really speeded up my work; thank’s a lot!


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