wm-logout 0.3.0

Last Updated on: 31st August 2017, 04:44 pm

There is a small update of Sparky’s wm-logout tool 0.3.0.

The wm-logout tool provides Yad based widow which lets you log out, hibernate, restart or shut down the system. It is targeted to tiny window managers, such as: Openbox, Fluxbox, i3, Jwm, IceWM, bspwm, awesome, etc., and is pre-installed in Sparky’s Openbox edition (MinmalGUI iso).

The upgrade doesn’t bring any security updates, just improves the window look.
Have a look into the wm-logout evolution and say what do you think about that.

Version 0.1.x – a drop down menu:

wm-logout 0.1.0

Version 0.2.0 – horizontal menu:

wm-logout 0.2.0

Version 0.3.0 – vertical menu:

wm-logout 0.3.0

Installation/upgrade via Synaptic or APT:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wm-logout



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