Sparky news 2017/06/29


An another month almost gone, even haven’t seen when…

So what changed?
– Lumina Desktop updated up to version 1.3.0; with new ‘lumina-mediaplayer’ tool; fixed reboot and poweroff menu options (during compilation process detected as Linux not Debian, with wrong the 2 commands before)
– added new packages to the repos: Opera web browser, Tomb & GTomb, Gradio
– Sparky 4.6 STB released
– new Sparky’s tool: Update Checker & Notifier – it is on the board of the latest 4.6 STB images
– Sparky’s Linux kernel just updated up to version 4.11.8

I already (slowly) have started preparation to the next Sparky rolling edition v5, which will be based on Debian testing “Buster”.


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