Sparky news 2017/10/30

Last Updated on: 30th October 2017, 01:31 pm


The last September was so busy for me so I forgotten to drop a few words then.

Anyway, a next month almost gone so I’m gonna make a line under the two months and say what happened:
– started building new line of Linux kernel 4.13; the present one is 4.13.10
– sparky tools source code git repository moved to GitHub service
– added new packages to Sparky repos: Qt5 config, Manokwari desktop, Exaile 4.0.0 beta2 audio player, Waterfox web browser
– Sparky 5.1 & 5.1 Special Editions have been released
– Sparky 4.6.1 & 5.0 (6 different versions) have been published as a dual layer DVD disk with a Polish IT magazine called “Komputer Świat”
– added support to armhf architecture, creating a new image of Sparky 4-dev (still under development) for a single board mini computer RaspberryPi
– started building missing packages for the armhf arch
– as every year I asked you to support Sparky and send some donations to pay for our VPS and to buy RaspberryPi; the RPI I already have, thank’s to our community member gom1, as well as the full amount to pay for the VPS, thank’s to all of you (but don’t stop supporting 🙂 )
– Calamares installer has been re-built separately on Stretch and Buster (different libs versions)
– sparkybackup command has gotten 3 shortcuts:
* sparkybackup dist -> spb
* sparkybackup clean -> spb clean
* nano /etc/sparkybackup/sparkybackup.conf (to edit the config file) -> spb edit
– Sparky is a candidate of a Project of the Month (December) on the – vote for Sparky now!


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