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Thank’s a lot for your support!

  Just I would like to say: big thank to all of you for your support and answer to our call. We have collected the whole sum needed to pay for the VPS and...


Halfway (2017)

  We are in the middle of a way to collect money to our server. For the moment we have collected 570 PLN and still need 630 more to pay for the server. We...


Payment day coming (2017)

  Like a year ago, and ago, Sparky needs YOUR help now! As you probably know, SparkyLinux is a non-profit project so does not earn money. And probably some of you know that we...


Payment for 2017 done!

  I am happy to say that all the required money we already found (received), thank’s to all of your donations! The VPS for next 2017 has been paid now, and the equipment (new...


Payment day coming again

  The time goes very, very fast and the last year gone just with the wind. SparkyLinux is still online, and will be as long as possible. I am pretty sure you know that...