SparkyLinux 2.1 “Eris” Ultra Edition

sparky 2.1 ultra edition

SparkyLinux 2.1 “Eris” Ultra Edition” has been released! The system is built as all 2.x releases on Debian testing “Wheezy”. All packages have been synchronized with Debian testing repositories of 23/01/2013. It features customized ultra light and fast Openbox desktop. What else? – Fluxbox is out – I wasn’t happy with it so all my … Read more

SparkyLinux 2.1 rc Ultra Edition

New year and new challenges. One of them I just realized 🙂 SparkyLinux 2.1 rc “Eris” Ultra Edition has been released. It’s well known SparkyLinux 2.0 “Eris” but with new, ultra lightweight two desktops: Fluxbox and Openbox. SparkyLinux e17/LXDE is light for sure, but the “Ultra” Edition is even lighter. All SparkyLinux releases 2.x code … Read more

SparkyLinux 2.0 “Eris”

  The final version of SparkyLinux 2.0 “Eris” e17/LXDE just arrived. The system has been completely built on Debian testing “Wheezy”. The default desktop is as usually Enlightenment, but there is (at the same media) LXDE desktop as well. It has been added for these users witch are not happy with e17. Both system’s desktops … Read more

SparkyLinux 2.0 beta2

SparkyLinux 2.0 “Eris” beta2 e17/LXDE jest ready to use. The system has been build on Debian testing “Wheezy” packages. What’s new in beta2 ? – a few problems have been fixed, including ‘fstab’ file missing in Live – default launchbar has been changed – Wbar has been replaced with customized LXDE panel (LXDE desktop only) … Read more