When two open-source projects LXDE and Razor-Qt have merged into the one LXQt i knew that the day to make new spin is coming. On the other side, a few guys of our community members were asking me about LXQt spin and pushing me to make it.

I’d like to let you know I don’t have so much time to compile it myself.
I handle e19 for a while which takes a lot of my free time.

So to make you happy and save my time I built LXQt spin using Siduction’s LXQt packages.
I also would like to thank to siduction devs for their good work.
The packages work very well on the top of my installation of Debian testing and I believe that Sparky LXQt spin will be working fine on yours machines as well.

What is under the hood of Sparky 3.6 LXQt dev1 iso?
– base system of Debian testing as of 20/12/2014
– lxqt packages
– a few sparky tools
– live installer

Sparky LXQt spin can be downloaded from the development section of our download page.

Enjoy testing and Merry Xmas.

Sparky LXQt