Sparky APTus 0.1.8

aptus 0.1.8

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.1.8 available at our repository. Changelog: 1. Xterm terminal emulator, which used to do all operations, has been dropped. From now, APTus uses the default x-terminal emulator of your desktop, for example: – LXDE – lxterminal – MATE – mate-terminal – Xfce – xfce4-terminal, etc. They properly display … Read more

Sparky Backup System 0.1.6

  The default Sparky backup tool ‘sparky-backup-sys’ has been upgraded up to version 0.1.6. It provides fixed backup script and the ‘old’ installer. It can be used on Sparky installation based on the latest iso image of Sparky 3.3 and the older ones as well. Sparky Backup System features the ‘old’ installer (based on remastersys … Read more

How to install new package?

You can do it in a few different ways: 1. Synaptic a. Open Menu-> Applications-> Administration-> Synaptic Package Manager b. Click “Reload” button first, then “Mark All Upgrades” c. Click “Search” button and type a name of a package then “Mark it for installation” d. Click “Apply” button 2. Text console a. Run text console … Read more

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