Sparky 5.8 RC

Last Updated on: 5th June 2019, 11:43 am

New live/install iso images of Sparky 5.8 RC are out. Sparky 5.8 RC is a release candidate of the next stable line and is based on upcoming Debian stable Buster.

Changes between Sparky 5.7.x and 5.8 RC:
• Debian repo set to buster now, not to testing
• Sparky repo still points to testing, and will be updated automatically soon
• usrmerge set dirs symlinks (can be removed after)
• added inxi tool to all iso images
• all packages updated from Debian Buster repos as of July 3, 2019
• due to a few feedbacks I got, some of you are not happy with switching from LXDE to LXQt edition, so there is the Xfce edition re-built and ready to use
• due to problem with sparky5 theme in the Xfce edition, a new sparky6 theme is set as default (Xfce only)
• many Sparky apps have gotten Russian translations, thank’s to ChourS
• Calamares updated up to 3.2.9
• Firefox replaced by Firefox ESR

Please test the new iso images and report whatever you find.
The 5.8 release candidate iso images can be downloaded from the download/development page.

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