Switch Sparky testing to stable

This short tutorial shows you how to switch Sparky based on Debian testing “Stretch” to upcoming Debian stable “Stretch”.

It’s for users whose prefer rock solid stability of Debian stable over never packages provide be Debian testing. So, you do not have to do that, if you stay on testing branch.

1. Change Debian repository from “testing” to “stretch” (use “stretch” not ‘stable”!):
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Change Sparky repository from “testing”:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky-testing.list
deb testing main
deb-src testing main

to “stable” (in the “sparky-testing-list”!):
deb stable main
deb-src stable main

Do not create new “sparky-stable.list” manually!.

3. Change pinning:
sudo nano /etc/apt/preferences.d/sparky
Package: *
Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: *
Pin-Priority: -10

Package: *
Pin-Priority: 500

Package: *
Pin-Priority: 1001

4. Refresh package list:
sudo apt-get update

5. Upgrade/install ‘sparky-apt’ package (it has to come from Sparky ‘stable’ repos):
sudo apt-get install sparky-apt

This operation downgrades the ‘sparky-apt’ and ‘sparky-core’ packages to version 4~xxxxxxxx.

6. Refresh package list again:
sudo apt-get update

7. Upgrade the system:
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

That’s all, your Sparky installation is ready for upcoming Debian stable “Stretch” now.


Sparky Backup System 20160808


The default Sparky’s backup tool ‘Sparky Backup System’ has been upgraded up to version 20160808 (‘sparky-backup-core’ and ‘sparky-backup-sys’).

Sparky Backup System is a tool which lets you backup your installed version of Sparky, including all installed applications, desktops and desktop settings into a single iso image file. But it doesn’t backup your personal files from /home/user/ directory.

– removed ‘backup’ option from the ‘sparkybackup’ script and the ‘sparkybackup-gui’; the gui uses ‘ISO’ option to create a backup iso image now; the command line works with ‘sparkybackup dist’ command as before; the ‘backup’ option user name made conflict with a new ‘live’ user name generated via the live scripts and used by both ‘Live-Installer’ and ‘Sparky Advanced Installer’;
– improved copping of all installed desktops/window managers (for the new backup iso user) to avoid some output issues during the copping process;
– added a few more desktops/window managers to the copping script;

The present version has been tested on both Debian stable and testing installations successfully.
Sparky and Debian testing/Sid works with present versions of all the tools fine.

Debian stable installation needs older versions of two packages to be installed/downgraded:
– ‘live-installer’ 20151009 (optionally)
– ‘yad’ 0.26 to display gui of the ‘Sparky Backup System’ and ‘Sparky Advanced Installer’
Both older version of the tools can be downloaded from the sourceforge host:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-backup-sys

Sparky Backup System on Debian stable Jessie