Sparky 4.8 RC

Last Updated on: 12th April 2018, 02:01 pm

There is a new, testing live/install iso image of SparkyLinux 4.8 RC “Tyche” available to download. Sparky 4 is based on Debian stable line “Stretch”.

Sparky 4.8 RC is a release candidate to upcoming next 4.8 stable release.

Changes between 4.7 and 4.8 RC:
– full system upgrade from Debian stable repos as of April 11, 2018
– Linux kernel 4.9.82
– Calamares 3.1.12 with an option of installing system on an encrypted disk
– added new option of live system booting which lets you choose a localization (via kernel parametr) and keyboard layout (via a new script)
– sparky tools which need the root access use pkexec now instead of gksu/gksudo/kdesudo/etc.
– added packages: xinit (provides startx command) and bleachbit (for cleaning the system)
– temporary removed gscreenshot and replaced with sparky-screenshot
– sparky advanced installer features 4 localizations now: Brazilian, English, German and Polish (more translations needed!); fixed removing partitions from the partition list after choosing and used them;

The final 4.8 release is planned in the middle of May and will be available in following versions: LXDE (full version), MinimalGUI (Openbox) and MinimalCLI (text mode).

New iso image of the development version can be downloaded from download/development page.

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