APTus 0.4.0

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 11:50 am

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.4.0 available in the testing repository.

This update provides integration of a few Sparky tools, such as: sparky-aptus-gamer, sparky-codecs, sparky-desktop, sparky-office, sparky-webbrowser-installer and vmplayer-installer into one tool of APTus 0.4.0.

Other changes:
– aptus scripts divided into two modules (tabs) now: Accessories and System
– added buttons of Reinstall and Remove applications, alongside of existing Install button
– added VirtualBox and AQEMU quick install, alongside to existing VMware (System module)
– due to dependency problems on Debian testing (sometimes), sparky-codecs tool has been divided into separated packages to be installed of your choice
– sparky-desktop reinstall option can reinstalls a sparky desktop meta package and reinstalls a desktop settings to the sparky default
– all integrated applications lost their menu entry, they are available via APTus only now
– due to higher requirements of VMware 14 than before, added an option to vmplayer-installer which lets you install version 12, which works fine on older 64 bit machines
– every icon in APTus provides comment (description) of a tool to make sure what is it for (useful for beginners)

Still to do:
– add new 2 tabs to aptus: Music & Video to provide easy installation of some popular music and video players
– enlarge Web option of some popular email, bittorrent, IM, download managers clients and rss readers
– integrate some sparky-aptus-extra tools into aptus as well

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

Make sure the update is available for Sparky 5/Debian Buster, not for Sparky 4/Debian Stretch (not yet).

Please test it and report whatever you find or send your suggestions out.

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